Turquoise Gemstones and Minerals

Throughout the world turquoise stones have been used as protective amulets for promoting health and guarding against harm. In the ancient Persian Empire, the sky-blue gemstones were earlier worn round the neck or wrist as protection against unnatural death.

In ancient Egypt, grave furnishings with turquoise inlay were discovered, dating from approximately 3000 BC. In many cultures of the Old and New Worlds, turquoise has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman.

Turquoise stones do sometimes change color. The change can be caused by light, or by a chemical reaction brought about by cosmetics, dust or the acidity of the skin. If a turquoise stone changes color, the wearer was thought to have reason to fear the approach of doom.

Turquoise stones are thought to be supportive and protective. It is believed that they strengthen the subtle body, heal the spirit, have a soothing effect, increase contentment. This stone has a grounding effect. Use it during meditation and spiritual activity, to protect against accidents, and / or as a talisman of strength and protection for astral travel and spiritual journey. It is a powerful healing stone for emotional, mental and physical problems,  hypersensitivity , mental calm, and general meditation.

Other stones in this color family:

Chrysocolla: Ease heartache, Earth healing, calming, inner strength. PMS ,menstrual discomfort, relieve allergies, treat ulcers, digestive problems, arthritis, lungs and thyroid, enhances the metabolism, psychic ability, prophetic dreaming, trance, increase the ability to love, improve home life and strengthen relationships.

Amazonite : Helps calm the emotions and soothes the nerves, helps the throat and heart chakra, solar plexus centers, healing. throat, thyroid, nerve and brain conditions, reduce self damaging behavior, addictions, posture, increases clarity and insight. peace and calm, aligns the physical and astral bodies, a general all purpose healing stone, may help with Motor Neuron disease and other similar progressive diseases, health maintenance, pinched nerves, spinal difficulties, for bursitis.

Aquamarine: Stimulates the intellect and stabilizes the emotions, helps connect with the higher self and Spirit, aligns chakras and the energetic system, for self understanding, compassion, understanding and tolerance, communication, glands ,throat ,teeth , and vision, throat chakra, stimulates healing, improves confidence, and the ability to stand fast, helps communication.

Note: This post was compiled by Shirley Twofeathers for Color Therapy, you may repost and share without karmic repercussions, but only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Bright Blessings.

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