Blue – The Correspondences

Vermeer’s blues are silent, but they touch your soul.
~Jonathan Jones

Foods and supplements that work in a blue way:

Blue is a natural appetite suppressant, and one of the least appetizing colors for food. Many people report being actually repulsed by blue food. This may be an evolved instinct because many toxic plants and fruits have a blue color. Sometimes blue food is embraced as a token of the avant-garde and truly adventurous as in the case of the recent fad for blue potatoes.

There are very few foods that are blue in color, however some foods work in a “blue” way, and are useful when the voice, glands and organs of the neck, and communication skills need help.

  • Blue foods are mainly various types of berries, but also include seaweed and some white fish.
  • Blueberries, kelp, seaweed products, asparagus.
  • Iodine.
  • Blue is associated with chamomile, often used as a bedtime tea.

Essential oils:

Blue is linked to tea tree oil and is useful for sensitive skin or reducing skin problems. Other essential oils include:

  • Sweet pea
  • Lilac
  • Myrrh

Blue crystals and stones:

Blue gemstones are believed to aid in creating calm and relaxation in crisis situations or chaotic situations, to open the flow of communication between loved ones, to feel genuinely inspired, and to gain the courage to speak from the heart. Blue gemstones promote peace and are used to calm ragged emotions. They are used to provide relief to people who have difficulty sleeping or who have nightmares.

  • Blue gemstones to wear to feel calm are blue sapphire and blue topaz.
  • Lapis lazuli and azurite are said to heighten psychic power, as is Moonstone.
  • Aquamarine stimulates healing improves confidence and the ability to stand fast, helps the flow of communication, stimulates the intellect and stabilizes the emotions.
  • Turquoise is supportive and protective. It is used a talisman of strength and protection to protect against accidents. . A powerful healing stone for emotional, mental and physical problems.
  • Blue lace agate soothes and calms, speeds thought processes, helps one to reach high spiritual awareness and has an inspirational effect.
  • Celestite is great for dream work, lifts mood, helps throat problems and with spiritual communication.
  • Sapphire relaxes and improves the mind balances all aspects of self.  It promotes calm, peace and detachment
  • Lapis Lazuli is also listed an indigo stones. A powerful stone, releases stresses, enabling experience of deeper peace, stimulates the mind and higher understanding.

Symbolism of the Color Blue:

  • Truth and the intellect
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty
  • Chastity
  • Peace
  • Piety and contemplation
  • Spirituality
  • Eternity

Note: This post was compiled by Shirley Twofeathers for Color Therapy, you may repost and share without karmic repercussions, but only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Blessed be.


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