Color Exercises

Clouds of Color Healing Technique

This Hawaiian healing technique is called ”Clouds of Color,” and is from Dr. Serge Kahili King’s book “Instant Healing.” It is a very simple exercise using your imagination and intention.

First familiarize yourself with the healing energy of the various colors, here’s a simple list: Healing Colors.

Next, select the color of cloud you want to use for healing and begin to visualize this cloud wrapping around all of you or the part of your body that needs physical, emotional, or mental healing. Intent, simply means imagining a specific healing effect that you want the color cloud to have.

For example:

  • Surrounded by bright orange or yellow can increase your strength and endurance.
  • A soft green or blue cloud can reduce swelling or relieve tension.

You can use color clouds and imagination for any healing needed!

Color Guidance



Our instinctive emotional response to color can tell us a lot about ourselves. It reflects back to us how we are functioning. It can show life-long tendencies, immediate situations or a potential direction in personal development.

Sometimes certain colors stay with us as favorites for many years. This is reflected in the colors we choose to paint our home, inside and out, and the predominant colors in our wardrobe. It is possible to interpret these color preferences through their known correspondences to our physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual state.

Given a range of colors to choose from, the process of self-reflection and self-revelation can begin. The simplest approach is to make spontaneous choices:

  • Which color do you like the most?
  • Which color do you like the least?

The color you like the most will, as likely as not, be present in your home or in your clothes. It may also be a color that you need to help you in a current situation. By looking at the full range of correspondences for that color, you may get insight into a new direction in life. However, if the color you have chosen is an absolute favorite and you have no desire to reflect on other choices, you may have become stuck in particular habit patterns. Again, look at the correspondences for that color to see what those habits might be.

The color you like least will suggest areas of your life that may require attention and healing. Each color has positive as well as negative attributes, so it is a good idea to bring the positive energy of a color you dislike into your life to create balance. Do this through new activities, the choice of food, by wearing that color in clothing or adding it to your surroundings.

Source: Healing With Crystals and Chakra Energies

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