This is a lovely meditation to help you meet the crystal Deva. You will need a quartz crystal point. The meditation itself can be recorded, or you can print a copy and refer to it as needed.

Make sure your crystal is cleansed by washing in clear water and drying in the sun (or moon)light. Sit quietly holding your crystal in both hands.

Center yourself and calm your breathing. Imagine roots growing out of your feet and curling round the damp soil going deep into the earth, allow your roots to touch the green gold mother earth energy. Draw the energy up towards you with each in breath. Until your whole body and your crystal are filled with the beautiful green-gold mother earth light.

Now reach up with your mind and pluck a strand of pure white light from every star in the heavens and draw it towards you. Allow the strands of light to gather in a ball just above your head. Let the ball grow larger and larger. Now bring that ball pure white heavenly light down through your body to mingle with the green gold mother earth energy within you and your crystal. (This in itself is a wonderful energizing, cleansing and grounding exercise.)

You now see yourself standing on the shore of a lake. On the other side of the water you see your crystal. It has grown to the size of a mountain. With it’s point high up amongst the clouds. Halfway up the crystal mountain you can see a doorway. Stretching from that doorway across the water to just beside you is a rainbow bridge. You can see the rainbow arching gracefully across the lake to the doorway halfway up the crystal mountain.

Your guide has come to take you across the bridge. You can feel the reassuring presence behind you as you step on to the rainbow bridge and begin to glide upwards. As you come to the top of the bridge the air is cool and fresh. You can see the lake stretching out below and around you.

As you glide downwards the crystal doorway comes nearer. Step off the bridge as you arrive beside the doorway, the floor is sandy and cool to your feet. Your guide will wait for you here. This is your journey now.

As you enter the crystal mountain you can see the walls are suffused with an orange glow. Bathe in the gentle orange light as you are gently lifted and begin to float upwards. As you drift notice the walls of the crystal mountain. Look above you as your surroundings now begin to glow with a yellow light.

See how the colors blend as you float ever higher within the Crystal. Yellow gives way to pink as you rise, lighter than air. Pale blue shot with silver now as you travel higher, see the light refracting off the walls. Pale blue changes to deep indigo with gold and brassy flecks blinking and flashing as you drift upwards. Feel surrounded by the deep indigo light. Upwards higher and higher, the indigo pales to the purest violet, with a beauty that catches your breath.

You have reached the very top of the crystal now. There is a floor beneath your feet. Look around you, what can you see?

Very soon the Keeper of the Crystal will come to you. Talk with him or her for a while and recieve the message. When it is time to leave. Thank the crystal angel.

You will begin to float downwards through the colored realms of the crystal mountain. Down through Indigo, drifting gently passing the blue and sliver. Falling gently as a leaf from a tree, through the pink and yellow, finally alighting gently on the sandy floor of the orange area. Close to the doorway where your guide is waiting to take you back across the rainbow bridge.

As you travel across the bridge share with your guide the message from the crystal angel. Perhaps your guide has something to add. Feel reassured by the presence. As you step off the rainbow bridge on to the ground beside the lake, say goodbye to your guide and thank him or her for protection during your journey.

Breathe a little deeper now and begin to bring your awareness back to where you are sitting. Allow your crystal to shrink back to it’s original size between your hands. Let go of that ball of white light and see each beam winging back to it’s star. Become aware again of your roots holding you to the earth. Just experience that feeling for a while as you gently return.

Look at your crystal. Does it look or feel different to you, now you have met it’s angel? Reflect on the message you were given. What does it mean to you? Please remember to take a drink of water after meditating.

~Submitted by Meva

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