In this exercise you will meditate on your skin, muscles, bones, and blood. You’ll discover that your blood runs not only in your veins, but also flows back in time to its ancestral source. Thus you can find or better determine your spiritual and magical roots, the exploration of which will be part of your own unique brand of magickal initiation.

Read through the exercise to get a good idea of how it flows, and then begin.

Get comfortable, quiet, and centered. Breathe deeply and relax your body. When you are fully relaxed, begin the meditation by thinking about your skin. Focus on how it feels. Maybe you have an awareness of how your clothing feels in the places where it touches your skin. It is through your skin that you interact with all things….

Think about this for a few minutes… It is through your skin that you interact with the world.

Now, think about how it is that your skin keeps you separate from all things as well. It contains you. Feel yourself as a being who is separate… you are quiet you are contained within yourself, and in that quiet containment you are relaxed, confident, and your spirit is free from intrusion and fear.

Now, feel your muscles and bones. One way to do this is to visualize them under your skin. Or you might move your body – the smallest possible amount – as you picture your bones solid, dense, and providing a frame, which, in your imagination, your muscles maneuver, vividly filled with vitality.

Feel your blood. One way to do this is to imagine it running in your veins. Don’t worry if you can’t really “feel” it, simply imagine that you are feeling it and that will be sufficient.

What does your blood tell you? Anything? Be open: see if you hear anything or if a thought pops into your mind or you get a sense of some feeling stirring in your body or idea peeking at you in your thoughts.


My blood is of a river,
my blood flows through the dark void of time and space,
back to its source.
What is its source?
Where did it come from?
What did my blood do at that time,
in that place?

Again, visualize the blood running in your veins… imagine it flows past you like a stream or brook, not in the sense it would if you were injured but in a miraculous, mystical pilgrimage… Imagine your blood flowing through a safe, comforting darkness… You are going to follow that flow as it moves to it’s source…

Now your blood arrives at its source. Perhaps you will suddenly get a picture of, or sense, an ancient people. You might encounter anything, the possibilities of what happens in this step are endless… you might encounter anything from a star in the sky to a specific race of people or species of animals or to a plant or even a mythical beast.

You might not see anything. You might instead hear, smell, or simply get a sense of your ancestral source; modes of psychic perceptions are endless, and no one is better than another. An idea, word, or phrase that comes to mind might be your psychic perception even if it makes no sense right away.

Note whatever it is that might be happening at that far-off time and place. Are you doing anything? Are your ancestors? Are there words or sounds? Do you have any feelings or impressions?

Are you given any gifts?

Say to your ancestors, even if you feel that you have experienced nothing in this voyage, “I thank you for this visit.”

Imagine, picture, somehow be aware of your blood traveling a long distance back through time and space… this is a dark, safe, and comfortable journey, your blood flows through this space carrying any gifts you’ve gained.

Now, be aware of your blood flowing all the way back to you, arriving with its new gifts. Feel your blood flowing through your body, replete with its new gifts and power.

Feel your skin… Feel how it interacts with your clothes… feel how it interacts with the seat under you… feel how it interacts with the air.

~ Francesca de Grandis

SEX! Now that I have your attention… Please try to meditate at least 15 minutes, every day. You know it’s good for you. – Marcelo Alves
Be Merry

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