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The Daily Cycle Numbers

You respond to the vibrations of numbers at all times. For guidance in the use of the daily numerical influences, you should know the number of your Individual Day. The directions for finding the number of your Individual Day are as follows:

To Find Your Individual Day

To find your Daily Cycle, or more accurately, your Individual Day, you do some simple arithmetic. Find the sum of the numbers of the following dates, and reduce them to a single digit:

  • The number of your month of birth:
    • January – 1
    • February – 2
    • March – 3
    • April – 4
    • May – 5
    • June – 6
    • July – 7
    • August – 8
    • September – 9
    • October – 10
    • November – 11
    • December – 12
  • The number of your day of birth.
  • The present calendar year.
  • The number of the current calendar month
  • The number of the current calendar day

Add each number of this total together and reduce to a single digit.

For example:

If you were born on April 23, and today is November 8, 2017, your calculation would look like this:

  • 4 + 23 + 11 + 8 + 2017 = 2063

The total number is then added together to come up with an individual number like this:

  • 2 + 0 + 6 + 3 = 11 or(1+1=2)

And so, in this example, your Daily Cycle number is the number 2.

Here’s a calculator:

You now have the key to getting the number vibrancy of your Individual Day.

To find the favorable activities for your Individual Day, you can either browse Influential Numbers, Favorable Activities, or use this quick list with links to the interpretations for each birth DAY number:

1  *  2  *  3  *  4  *  5  *  6  *  7  *  8  *  9

From: Modern Numerology

The Hourly Cycle Numbers

The Hourly Cycle takes its vibratory power from the number of the hour approaching. Thus, from 6 to 7 o’clock, the hourly cycle is number 7. From 7 to 8 0’clock, you have an 8 Hourly Cycle. All numbers are reduced to a single digit.

The number of each Hourly Cycle is given in the table below:

  • 12 to 1 o’clock – 1
  • 1 to 2 o’clock – 2
  • 2 to 3 o’clock – 3
  • 3 to 4 o’clock – 4
  • 4 to 5 o’clock – 5
  • 5 to 6 o’clock – 6
  • 6 to 7 o’clock – 7
  • 7 to 8 o’clock – 8
  • 8 to 9 o’clock – 9
  • 9 to 10 o’clock – 10 or 1
  • 10 to 11 o’clock – 11 or 2
  • 11 to 12 o’clock – 12 or 3

Naturally, these influences are universal. Thus, from 8 to 9 o’clock am, a 9 cycle, most people are ending the activities of early morning and preparing for a long day ahead. That is the influence of number 9 – to put an end to one thing and prepare for the next.

From 12 to 1 pm is a 1 Cycle. This is the usual time for lunch. The number 1 is new; it is active. It is starting out the new activities of the afternoon program. Often, at lunch, new plans are discussed and new projects begun.

You can ascertain whether an Hourly Cycle is favorable for specific plans, work, or activity. If the number of your Individual Day is the same as the number of the Hourly Cycle, it is favorable for certain types of activity. The matters favored by the Hourly Cycles are the same as those favored by the Individual Days.

To find the favorable activities for the Hourly, you can either browse Influential Numbers, Favorable Activities, or use this quick list with links to the interpretations for each birth DAY number:

1  *  2  *  3  *  4  *  5  *  6  *  7  *  8  *  9

From: Modern Numerology


Number 4 Influences

Days that vibrate to the number Four are days for building. In this cycle, you are symbolized or enclosed within a square, consequently the only way you can grow is “up.” Therefore, all your acts will be such as are planned for future effect. You may feel confined or restricted. This is because you are giving up immediate pleasures for future benefits.

All work of an organizing nature and all work concerned with large organizations should find success when the day or the hour vibrates the the number Four. A Four day is cold and intellectual in temperament, and your activity, while productive, is slow.

Plans for saving, for founding a home, and for children are uppermost in the mind. This is well, because you can take advantage of the strength, stability, and power which are symbolized by the building vibration of Four.

The number Four vibration is favorable for:

  • Laying the cornerstone of any important project.
  • Arranging school affairs of children.
  • Providing yourself with long-wearing clothes.
  • Fixing up your home.
  • Signing long term contracts.
  • Checking up on your health.
  • Renting a safety-deposit box or vault.
  • Entering a partnership.
  • Dealing in earth or mining commodities.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

From: Modern Numerology

Born on the Fourth

For those born on the fourth day of any month:

You have a well earned reputation for being thoroughly reliable and trustworthy. In symbolical language, you are like Peter, the rock upon which the Master built. You are the cosmic mason, the builder who erects the cornerstone and lays the foundations

Your life is an active and creative one, for you are always busy with work that will advance the world, and promote good will among men. You are very practical in your outlook and succeed brilliantly where success depends upon the handling of material things and affairs.

Because you never dodge work, you finish what must be done – and right on schedule.

Limited to a certain extent by the activity in your program of life, you must bear in mind the symbol of the number 4, which is the square. It stands for all that is righteous and just in life. It may bound you materially, but within the square of equity you can always rise to great heights.

Born on a different day? Go here: What Day Were You Born

Note: The number of the day of your birth represents you as the world sees you. It is the numerological equivalent of the astrological ascendant or rising sign.

Source: Modern Numerology

Four – The Mason

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Four, you are The Mason.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

The number of your Life Cycle is symbolized by the square. This stands for justice and equality, and it represents you in the center, bounded on each side, and thus restricted so that you can not expand.

Consequently, the only direction in which you can grow is – up!

The square represents the practical aspects of life, upon which all form is built. For this reason, you may look upon this Life Cycle as the building of foundations for better things to come.

You may look to this life as one of work. You are prepared for this by having been endowed with patience, endeavor, and the desire to render practical service. Method ond logic are the mental tools which you, as the mason, use. You are imbued with faithfulness and loyalty, although you are not particularly demonstrative about your emotions.

Conservatism may restrict you ideologically. Details and duties seem to overshadow the end-all aim of some of your endeavors. In some things it is wiser to go with the tide rather than try to direct its course. By avoiding the tendency to force your ideas on others, you can avoid the friction that retards your progress.

Your finest expression comes from your sense of form and design. You can visualize, in its completed form, the concept offered you by the artist and the architect. Then, in your own practical way, you can execute this design or blueprint.

It could never be said of you that you shirk your duties or avoid your responsibilities. Where dependability is wanted, you fill the bill – and you do a noble and creative job.

Source: Modern Numerology

8 by 8 Magic Square
Benjamin Franklin invented this 8x8 magic square in his spare time. It has a magic constant of 260. Please pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that this magic square was constructed over 200 years ago, before computers and calculators.
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