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Number 4 Influences

Days that vibrate to the number Four are days for building. In this cycle, you are symbolized or enclosed within a square, consequently the only way you can grow is “up.” Therefore, all your acts will be such as are planned for future effect. You may feel confined or restricted. This is because you are giving up immediate pleasures for future benefits.

All work of an organizing nature and all work concerned with large organizations should find success when the day or the hour vibrates the the number Four. A Four day is cold and intellectual in temperament, and your activity, while productive, is slow.

Plans for saving, for founding a home, and for children are uppermost in the mind. This is well, because you can take advantage of the strength, stability, and power which are symbolized by the building vibration of Four.

The number Four vibration is favorable for:

  • Laying the cornerstone of any important project.
  • Arranging school affairs of children.
  • Providing yourself with long-wearing clothes.
  • Fixing up your home.
  • Signing long term contracts.
  • Checking up on your health.
  • Renting a safety-deposit box or vault.
  • Entering a partnership.
  • Dealing in earth or mining commodities.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

From: Modern Numerology

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