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Number 5 Influences

The vibration of the number Five denotes change. It may well be that whatever you have planned for this day will go awry. A really fine way to meet the vibrational challenge of the number Five is with no plans at all; then whatever happens is not upsetting.

There is a great deal of motion during a Five cycle. Activity and speed appeal to you on these days. May, the fifth month, is a time for much changing of residence; October, the tenth month (two Fives) is even more active in the moving business. Days that add up to the number Five are similar. You may find yourself changing things around, moving furniture, hurrying here and there.

Talk, conversation, and argument are also part of the Five cycle. Sir James M. Barrie calls conversation “what men live by.” The negative of this is argument – what men die by. The are both born under the vibrational influence of Five. However, it is a fine cycle for entertainment. You can enjoy theater, movies, and parties. The cycle is also good for lectures, concerts, writing, television, and radio.

The number Five vibration is favorable for:

  • Writing letters and all forms of communication.
  • Enjoying a hike or a short trip.
  • Trying out for a part in a play.
  • Reasoning with children.
  • Making new acquaintances.
  • Listening to radio entertainment.
  • Taking beauty treatment.
  • Making a public debut.
  • Planning a study course.
  • Planning a neighborhood party.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

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