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Two – The Helpmate

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Two, you are The Helpmate.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You can acquire what you want without fanfare, for tact and diplomacy have been endowed upon you as two distinguishing characteristics.

The keynote of your life is cooperation; you succeed more mightily by carrying out the plans of others, by executing the blueprint or pattern that is designed rather than by attempting to be completely original in your own sphere.

Disharmony and disagreeable situations take toll upon your nervous system, and for this reason, you do all within your power to establish and maintain harmony. You have natural grace and great consideration for others – two traits which win you a host of friends.

While you lack the aggressive spirit of those born with other numbers of destiny, this does not mean that you need ever lack the good things in life. Two is the number of “gathering in.” Your own cooperative spirit inflates your powers of association, and brings to you many things that others go forth to seek. Rhythm is the one requirement for your happiness.

At your best, you display the wonderful traits of agree-ability, charm, and courtesy. The symbol of your number of destiny is the soul being breathed into the body. In other words, your function is to fill the empty forms with life. There is a kind of magic connected with all you do, for you seem to take the concept and kindle true life into it. Whereas others seek the company and assistance of their fellows, you have an unusual independence of spirit that makes you the perfect helpmate, yet completely self sufficient if you need to be so.

The hammer can not get along without the forge, and you are the hard metal on which the shape eternal is formed.

Source: Modern Numerology


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