Numerology 101

One – The Pioneer

If you have a Life Cycle Number of One, you are The Pioneer.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You are the leader, the captain, and the planner. Yours is a very positive nature, for you have a truly strong individuality. Your place in the path of life is in the driver’s seat of the chariot of experience. Servitude is unknown to you, and subservience is completely alien to your nature.

You are original and creative and possess the aggressive qualities necessary to put your productive ideas into practical, material form. Ambition is a prime factor in your life, and it motivates you to strive arduously for the success you desire. You are endowed with executive ability, and can direct affairs, whether they be those of a large organization or the household.

Determination, strength, and will are the tools of your ambition, and you use them with the authority of one who has skill and training.

Occasionally you demonstrate the negative aspects of these qualities. At such times you are domineering and hasty. It is wiser for you to use diplomacy and get your way than to try to impose it on others by sheer force of will.

You are inclined to be critical and demanding, but somewhat unable to take criticisms others offer to you, for deep within your nature is a sensitivity you try to conceal.

Follow the generous impulses of your heart, and you will retain your leadership and your friendships.

Source: Modern Numerology

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