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Born on the Seventeenth

For those born on the seventeenth day of any month:

You have ambition, courage and vitality. When you extend your best efforts, there is almost nothing of which you are not capable. Success comes to you through your own ideas and clever way of presenting them to the market-place of the world.

You are fortunate in being able to repose and find satisfaction in “inner understanding” and being able to get along with the rest of the world, too. Your mentality and energy put you in the foreground of any field you choose to enter.

Your own timidity may sometimes shock you. This is because you are used to leadership, and sometimes lose sight of the fact that deep within, you are a sensitive human being. However, never lose sight of this core – the best that is in you.

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Note: The number of the day of your birth represents you as the world sees you. It is the numerological equivalent of the astrological ascendant or rising sign.

Source: Modern Numerology

8 by 8 Magic Square
Benjamin Franklin invented this 8x8 magic square in his spare time. It has a magic constant of 260. Please pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that this magic square was constructed over 200 years ago, before computers and calculators.
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