Numerology 101

What Day Were You Born?

Each day of the month has its individual numerical vibration. If you were born on the first, second, or any other date up to the thirty-first, your character is molded to a certain degree by the influence of the number of that date.

How does the number of the day of your birth differ from that of your Life Cycle, or Destiny number? The Life Cycle number is the essential, indestructible individuality. The number of the day of your birth represents you as the world sees you. It is the numerological equivalent of the astrological ascendant or rising sign.

Self-understanding is the key to cosmic power within you. See yourself as others see you, by reading the interpretation of the number of the day of the month you were born.

Remember that the date is for your birth DAY only, the month you were born is not a part of this calculation. Study this portrait of yourself as others see you so that you may develop your greatest possibilities.

To find the meanings of each individual day, you can either browse Influential Numbers, or use this quick list with links to the interpretations for each birth DAY number:

1  *  2  *  3  *  4  *  5  *  6  *  7  *  8  *  9  *  10  *  11  *  12  *  13  *  14  *  15  *  16  *  17  *  18  *  19  *  20  *  21  *  22  *  23  *  24  *  25  *  26  *  27  *  28  *  29  *  30  *  31

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