Numerology 101

Born on the Ninth

For those born on the ninth day of any month:

You are the personification of sympathy and wide understanding. Your vistas are grand, for life to you is as a dome of many colored glass, encompassing all kinds and forms of experience. The harsh, the cruel, the ecstatic, and the rapturous – all float within your ken.

You have an unusual psychic sense, and are inclined to have occult experiences that fill you with new knowledge until, at the end of the road of experience, you have at your command the wisdom of ages.

You are a very quick study in the sense that music, art, and literature are all grist to your mill; you grasp their meaning and see their beauty with hardly a conscious effort.

Travel will broaden your outlook, and should play an important role in your life. You will cover vast distances, by whatever mode you travel, and the road will eventually lead to tolerance, sympathy , and a universal love.

Born on a different day? Go here: What Day Were You Born

Note: The number of the day of your birth represents you as the world sees you. It is the numerological equivalent of the astrological ascendant or rising sign.

Source: Modern Numerology

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