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Seven – The Mystic

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Seven, you are The Mystic.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You are contemplative and analytical by nature. Of a very thoughtful turn of mind, you seek to discover the reason behind everything not being satisfied to accept anything at its surface value.

Your meditations and analyses should lead to the discovery of truths both ancient and new, especially along mystic and occult lines of thought.

Your part in the cosmic drama is that of the healer. To you, the troubled in mind and body turn for comfort, consolation, and healing, for your touch – both physical and spiritual – is like the curative “laying upon of hands” of the Holy Book.

A reserved manner sets you apart from other people, and it takes a type who understands the subtler things of life to be completely comprehend your quiet moods. You are cloaked in natural dignity, and, regardless of your station or vocation in life, you are respected wherever you appear. Your manner is intellectual, and your main interests are along cultural and philosophical lines. Musical composition and invention are fields wherein your originality should be prosperously creative.

The lovely things of life are as necessary to you as the air by which you life. Without the fine creations of the world’s artists for you to appreciate, you would feel that life was entirely too humdrum an existence to bother living. As a connoisseur of each stitch in the tapestry of artistic creation, you make each moment vibrant with appreciation.

There are many, and difficult, lessons for you to learn, for it seems to you at times that life is just one delay and disappointment after the other. It is your philosophical outlook, and your sympathy and mysticism that makes you understand that the pace of living is in itself one of the prime and most important of all lessons.

Source: Modern Numerology

Four – The Mason

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Four, you are The Mason.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

The number of your Life Cycle is symbolized by the square. This stands for justice and equality, and it represents you in the center, bounded on each side, and thus restricted so that you can not expand.

Consequently, the only direction in which you can grow is – up!

The square represents the practical aspects of life, upon which all form is built. For this reason, you may look upon this Life Cycle as the building of foundations for better things to come.

You may look to this life as one of work. You are prepared for this by having been endowed with patience, endeavor, and the desire to render practical service. Method ond logic are the mental tools which you, as the mason, use. You are imbued with faithfulness and loyalty, although you are not particularly demonstrative about your emotions.

Conservatism may restrict you ideologically. Details and duties seem to overshadow the end-all aim of some of your endeavors. In some things it is wiser to go with the tide rather than try to direct its course. By avoiding the tendency to force your ideas on others, you can avoid the friction that retards your progress.

Your finest expression comes from your sense of form and design. You can visualize, in its completed form, the concept offered you by the artist and the architect. Then, in your own practical way, you can execute this design or blueprint.

It could never be said of you that you shirk your duties or avoid your responsibilities. Where dependability is wanted, you fill the bill – and you do a noble and creative job.

Source: Modern Numerology

Three – The Artist

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Three, you are The Artist.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You are the pinnacle of self-expression. Mentality plays a very large part in your life, for you see clearly and wholly. No delusions waste your time, even though you are pleasure-loving. You realize that all life is not mere fun.

Versatility is one of your outstanding traits. You have so many talents that you have difficulty in choosing a single one to express all that is within you, waiting to come out. You are a “quick study,” being able to acquire knowledge without making a strenuous effort. Your scholarship is not profound, however, for you do not devote all your time to study as the real scholar does.

You are sociable and entertaining. These qualities make it simple for you to make friends quickly. Most people like you; the exceptions are those who do not understand you. The reason is that they can not see the depth of your character, and think that your surface is the real you. Your enthusiasms are contagious, but your taste palls quickly, and then you seek the new.

You are inclined to accept things as they are, and not to worry too much. You like getting your own way and indulging your own desires. Your quick wit makes you a cutting critic of other people and their opinions. In fact your gift of words might well make you an excellent critic or writer, as well as teacher, lecturer, or entertainer.

Love is a necessity to you. Unless you are sharing a real emotional experience with someone who takes you seriously, you are not really happy.

Source: Modern Numerology

Six – The Teacher

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Six, you are The Teacher.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You have noble ideals and high aspirations for their fulfillment. Love is the ruler of your universe, and it is your role in life to teach this philosophy – among other things – to the rest of the world. Your aim is to help others, mainly by establishing and maintaining justice and the rights of humanity.

Beauty and harmony are as necessary to you as the very breath of life. You must have these two in your environment, and particularly in your home. Domestic felicity is your immediate goal; and after you have established it there, you wish to expand the same harmonious atmosphere to all the rest of your surroundings, and the universe. The crass, the tawdry, and the vulgar are upsetting to the balance and rhythm that are such a deep part of your inmost being.

You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music. You express this love for the finer things of life either by being creative in these fields, or by being the keenest of connoisseurs.

The unselfishness which distinguishes you makes you the counselor of the young, and confidant of the old, and the teacher of the world. Rarely critical, you prefer to instill your noble concepts through understanding and sympathy.

A certain amount of unwanted responsibility accompanies the life path of those born under the vibration of your Life Cycle. You have duties which are real burdens, but you soon learn that even these heavy tasks have their function in life – be it only to further instill in you the unselfishness and generosity that you need for your work in life.

By fulfilling your function in life, you can find the sheer happiness that is known only to great humanitarians.

Source: Modern Numerology

Five – The Scribe

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Five, you are The Scribe.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You are mercurial by nature, full of wit, dash, enthusiasm, and energy. Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure, which you can well take in your stride because all of its ceaseless change is in perfect harmony with your own love of variety. You thoroughly enjoy the activities of the world, and are the center of interest and attraction in the crowd.

Freedom is your birth-right, and you do not allow anything to interfere with your right to enjoy it. Your pursuit of happiness is an endless trail of good humor, wit, and pleasure. Not that you do not have your serious moments, for you are highly intellectual, and are a master in the use of words. As a matter of fact, the use of words is your natural metier.

You could excel in any profession or vocation where a good vocabulary and oratory or vocal powers are needed. The ministry, teaching, and lecturing are excellent fields for your endeavor. In the world of entertainment or writing, you could shine as a brilliant star.

Your great versatility with language could be a cause of occasional difficulty or embarrassment, for it tempts you to talk about topics with which you are not thoroughly familiar, or to launch a tirade of wit against those less able with the rapier of sarcasm or humor than you are.

A certain inconsistency is also the expression of your mercurial temper. There is a way to take advantage of this quality, and that is to follow the precept of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said that every intellectual person is inconsistent. He meant that the wise man changes with the times, and progresses and advances as all nature and civilization do. This is the path you may easily follow, and it leads to happiness, full expression of the personality, and your success.

Source: Modern Numerology

Two – The Helpmate

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Two, you are The Helpmate.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You can acquire what you want without fanfare, for tact and diplomacy have been endowed upon you as two distinguishing characteristics.

The keynote of your life is cooperation; you succeed more mightily by carrying out the plans of others, by executing the blueprint or pattern that is designed rather than by attempting to be completely original in your own sphere.

Disharmony and disagreeable situations take toll upon your nervous system, and for this reason, you do all within your power to establish and maintain harmony. You have natural grace and great consideration for others – two traits which win you a host of friends.

While you lack the aggressive spirit of those born with other numbers of destiny, this does not mean that you need ever lack the good things in life. Two is the number of “gathering in.” Your own cooperative spirit inflates your powers of association, and brings to you many things that others go forth to seek. Rhythm is the one requirement for your happiness.

At your best, you display the wonderful traits of agree-ability, charm, and courtesy. The symbol of your number of destiny is the soul being breathed into the body. In other words, your function is to fill the empty forms with life. There is a kind of magic connected with all you do, for you seem to take the concept and kindle true life into it. Whereas others seek the company and assistance of their fellows, you have an unusual independence of spirit that makes you the perfect helpmate, yet completely self sufficient if you need to be so.

The hammer can not get along without the forge, and you are the hard metal on which the shape eternal is formed.

Source: Modern Numerology


One – The Pioneer

If you have a Life Cycle Number of One, you are The Pioneer.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

You are the leader, the captain, and the planner. Yours is a very positive nature, for you have a truly strong individuality. Your place in the path of life is in the driver’s seat of the chariot of experience. Servitude is unknown to you, and subservience is completely alien to your nature.

You are original and creative and possess the aggressive qualities necessary to put your productive ideas into practical, material form. Ambition is a prime factor in your life, and it motivates you to strive arduously for the success you desire. You are endowed with executive ability, and can direct affairs, whether they be those of a large organization or the household.

Determination, strength, and will are the tools of your ambition, and you use them with the authority of one who has skill and training.

Occasionally you demonstrate the negative aspects of these qualities. At such times you are domineering and hasty. It is wiser for you to use diplomacy and get your way than to try to impose it on others by sheer force of will.

You are inclined to be critical and demanding, but somewhat unable to take criticisms others offer to you, for deep within your nature is a sensitivity you try to conceal.

Follow the generous impulses of your heart, and you will retain your leadership and your friendships.

Source: Modern Numerology

Your Life Cycle Number

Added together, the digits in your date of birth comprise your number of destiny. Your birthday is not an accident, but part of the Great Plan of the Creator. Behind the numbers in your date of birth is an occult significance which has a bearing upon your entire life.

This number of destiny is your Life Cycle Number, which you can quickly compute by following the directions given immediately below.

Computing your Life Cycle Number:

To compute your Life Cycle Number, is actually quite simple. All you do is add together the number value of the month, day, and year of your birth, and then reduce the total down to a single digit.

The number value for each month is as follows:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

Here’s an example:

For someone born on January 19, 1959, the equation will look like this:

  • January = 1
  • Date = 19
  • Year = 1959

Here is what the calculation would look like:

  • 1 + 19 + 1959 = 1979

Take that total (in this case, it’s 1979), and reduce it to a single digit by by adding each of the individual numbers together. And if the total adds up to more than a single digit, (in this case, it’s 26), reduce it yet again:

  • 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 26
  • 2 + 6 = 8

And so the number of this person’s Life Cycle or Number of Destiny, is 8.

Here’s a calculator:

About the Life Cycle Number

Your Life Cycle Number represents the trends and tendencies of your whole existence and the work you are here to do. It denotes the role you are to play in the Cosmic Drama, and gives you the clue to your destiny.

Your moral strength, your innate characteristics, and your predominating states of mind are revealed in the Life Cycle Number. Your true self is comprised of the latent powers of your character and is revealed by the strength of your purpose in life.

From birth to the end of life, you will express the power conferred upon you by this number of destiny. The consciousness of your cosmic heritage is expressed in this number, for no matter how often you change your name and consequently its expression, you can never change your birthday.

Your birth right, as interpreted from the number of your Life Cycle, is given in the numbers below, along with a brief explanation. For a more in depth analysis, see the individual posts:

Life Cycle Numbers:

  1. The Pioneer – You are the pioneer, the leader, the captain, and the planner.
  2. The Helpmate – The keynote of your life is cooperation.
  3. The Artist – You are the pinnacle of self-expression.
  4. The Mason – It could never be said of you that you shirk your duties or avoid your responsibilities.
  5. The Scribe – You are mercurial by nature, full of wit, dash, enthusiasm, and energy.
  6. The Teacher – You have noble ideals and high aspirations for their fulfillment.
  7. The Mystic – You are contemplative and analytical by nature.
  8. The Gleaner – The harvest of study, organizational ability, and the qualities of an executive are yours.
  9. The Metaphysician – The highest aspirations and the noblest ideals are your cosmic heritage.

Source: Modern Numerology

A Short Introduction

How important are numbers really? In this computer age, you are a number. You have a social security number, a bank account number, a telephone number. The internet provider that allows you to view this site has assigned you a number. Numbers are used in commerce, science, prescriptions, recipes, trains, planes, cars. Pretty much everything in today’s world has been assigned either a number or a series of numbers.

As every civilization before it, ours is still seeking answers to questions which are eternal, questions which concern themselves with man’s fate. The overpowering scientific achievements of our times seem to have compounded these mysteries rather than explained them.

First expounded by the ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, the whole concept that numbers provided answers, evolved into the science of numerology.

Modern numerology deals with today’s concept of the vibratory power of numbers and brings the ancient science up to date. It is based on observation, experience, and conclusions drawn consistently from the same set of circumstances. It is a branch of knowledge older than astrology. Its early concepts led to the beginnings of structured mathematics, a prime prerequisite for the study of the measurement and motion of the stars.

In numerology, all numbers above 9 are reduced to a single digit, some single digit from 1 to 9. This begins with the next higher number 10, which, by adding its component parts 1 + 0 = 1. To people who do not understand the symbolism of numbers, this method of synthesizing numbers seems to be absolutely arbitrary and to lead nowhere. But for a man who understands the unity of everything existing and who has the key to this unity, the method of theosophical addition has a profound meaning, for it resolves all diversity into fundamental laws which govern it and which are expressed in the numbers  1 – 9.

It is my hope that in this small website, you will find the “key” clearly and simply explained. The key opens the door to the meaning of your birth date, the significance of the cycles in your life, the meaning of your name, your purpose in life, and your past, your present, and your future.

The “key” may have been possessed by a greater percentage of the population of ancient Babylon than in our present world. Following Babylonian civilization, the key was rediscovered by Pythagoras, 582 BC to 507 BC. He was the one who coined the word philosophy. His tenets were that numbers set a limit to the unlimited, that numbers constitute the true nature of things, and that all concepts can be expressed in numbers.

The Bible, the Kabbalah, the Divine Comedy, and many serious, scholarly, and sometimes enigmatic works have been devoted in whole or in part to numbers. The Old Testament states clearly that the sacred number is known only to God:

And then shall righteous men of thy seed
be left in the number which is kept secret by me.

In modern numerology there are no secrets. Read and know all. So… believer or skeptic, read on, and find enlightenment.

8 by 8 Magic Square
Benjamin Franklin invented this 8x8 magic square in his spare time. It has a magic constant of 260. Please pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that this magic square was constructed over 200 years ago, before computers and calculators.
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