Numerology 101

Seven – The Mystic

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Seven, you are The Mystic.

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You are contemplative and analytical by nature. Of a very thoughtful turn of mind, you seek to discover the reason behind everything not being satisfied to accept anything at its surface value.

Your meditations and analyses should lead to the discovery of truths both ancient and new, especially along mystic and occult lines of thought.

Your part in the cosmic drama is that of the healer. To you, the troubled in mind and body turn for comfort, consolation, and healing, for your touch – both physical and spiritual – is like the curative “laying upon of hands” of the Holy Book.

A reserved manner sets you apart from other people, and it takes a type who understands the subtler things of life to be completely comprehend your quiet moods. You are cloaked in natural dignity, and, regardless of your station or vocation in life, you are respected wherever you appear. Your manner is intellectual, and your main interests are along cultural and philosophical lines. Musical composition and invention are fields wherein your originality should be prosperously creative.

The lovely things of life are as necessary to you as the air by which you life. Without the fine creations of the world’s artists for you to appreciate, you would feel that life was entirely too humdrum an existence to bother living. As a connoisseur of each stitch in the tapestry of artistic creation, you make each moment vibrant with appreciation.

There are many, and difficult, lessons for you to learn, for it seems to you at times that life is just one delay and disappointment after the other. It is your philosophical outlook, and your sympathy and mysticism that makes you understand that the pace of living is in itself one of the prime and most important of all lessons.

Source: Modern Numerology

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