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The Universal Day Number

You must not overlook the vibration of the Universal Day number. This can be determined by adding the numbers of the date together, and then reducing them to a single digit. For example, if today is November 8, 2017, the calculation would be as follows:

  • 11 + 8 + 2017 = 2036
  • 2 + 0 + 3 + 6 = 11 or 2 (1+1=2)

This makes it a 2 Calendar Day.

Here’s a calculator:

The number of the Calendar Day influences everyone, everywhere. For this reason, it is well to consider what your Individual Day is, compared to the Calendar day. If your Individual Day vibration is the same as the Calendar Day vibration, it is favorable for your plans and actions.

Every day is favorable to certain kinds of activity, and not auspicious for others. Your Individual Days have their good and adverse aspects.

Get the most out of each day by applying knowledge and intelligence to universal forces.

  • Compute the number of the Calendar Day.
  • Compute the number of your Individual Day.
  • Look up the significance of your Individual Day.
  • Ask yourself: Is this a favorable cycle?
  • If it really is, your answer will be yes, and the next step will be…
  • Do it!

The activities favored on the Calendar Days are the same as those favored on Individual Days, and apply universally.

To find the favorable activities for the Calendar Days, you can either browse Influential Numbers, Favorable Activities, or use this quick list with links to the interpretations for each birth DAY number:

1  *  2  *  3  *  4  *  5  *  6  *  7  *  8  *  9

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