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Number 6 Influences

The influence of the number Six is one of reasonable happiness. The day should provide all you need though nothing to waste. You will feel joyous, and the spirit of lightening the burden of others will be in you. Sharing the labor of those you love and accepting responsibilities for their care may be your delight.

Harmony, rhythm, beauty, and culture are part of the make-up of the Six cycle. In the home, in married life, and in relations with neighbors there is a charm.

All matters dealing with the home and with education are in the province of the Six. You may plan schooling for children, and for yourself. Consider how best you may learn – whether it be in a regular school or the school of experience. The Six vibration tells you, “All is well.”

The number Six vibration is favorable for:

  • Beauty culture and developing grace and charm.
  • Home study and correspondence courses.
  • Flower culture.
  • Falling in love.
  • Dealing with groups of people.
  • Proposing marriage.
  • Speaking on the radio.
  • Making up old quarrels.
  • Studying any form of art.
  • Consulting fashion experts.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

From: Modern Numerology

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