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Number 3 Influences

On a day that vibrates to the number 3, you will find yourself giving full expression to all that is in you. There will be no repression or inhibitions, only the will to success and happiness. Other people seek you out, and you want to become a part of a group.

This is a fine aspect for work with organizations and corporations. It is equally good for clubs, societies, and parties; and you can play a leading part in their activities. If you are in public life, or your job puts you in touch with large numbers of people, this is a very favorable time for you. Should your desires be in the direction of such work, this is an auspicious time to forward your ambitions.

Love and affection rule during a 3 cycle, and you will be swayed by sentiment toward your loved ones as well as by emotions of a romantic nature. You will be thrilled by the pleasures derived from appreciation of the arts. However, the Three vibration has the effect of making you want to play. It provides time for enjoyment, but your desire for it may know no bounds and urge you on to squander time, talent, and money. Do nothing that you can not really afford to do.

The number Three vibration is favorable to:

  • Beginning a bank account.
  • Buying government securities.
  • Asking for a special favor.
  • Checking your possessions.
  • Presenting a letter of recommendation.
  • Beginning a new course of study.
  • Buying seasonal gifts.
  • Attending to a legal matter.
  • Submitting writing to editors.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

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