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Number 8 Influences

The vibrational cycle of Eight is one in which you can express all the material desires. Eight is the number of wealth and power. You can take the lead on your Eight days and others will follow you. Energy and will are in your cycle, and you can take advantage of feeling strong and more courageous.

All money matters come under the rule of Eight. You should attend to matters concerning savings, investments, stocks, securities, bonds, mortgages, and insurance.

Don’t forget to use some of the pep you have on an Eight day to help someone else. Bear in mind that one of the best ways to benefit yourself is by following the rule of Eight: Help others to help yourself.

The number Eight vibration is favorable for:

  • Settling monetary matters.
  • Relying on your intuition.
  • Seeking advice from a spiritual mentor.
  • Exercising authority with tact.
  • Dealing with charitable institutions.
  • Seeking election to any office.
  • Attending to matters of employment.
  • Visiting with loved ones.
  • Making yourself attractive.
  • Demonstrating your diplomacy.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

From: Modern Numerology


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Benjamin Franklin invented this 8x8 magic square in his spare time. It has a magic constant of 260. Please pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that this magic square was constructed over 200 years ago, before computers and calculators.
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