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Number 2 Influences

Cooperation is the clue to the temperament, character and personality of the number 2 vibration. It is a good time to ask for favors. Equally, you will be inclined to grant any favors asked of you, and this will ingratiate you with the person you show such kindness to. Affairs will progress slowly, and hustle and bustle will not be in evidence. Thus, the very pace of things gives the time, and the temper gives the ability, to develop tact. Diplomacy is the order of the day – no arguments, back-talk, or aggression.

You probably get along better with women than with men in a Two vibration cycle. It is well to keep control of things in your own hands, however, for you might give the impression of being timid or deceitful. Someone may confide a matter of great secrecy in you. Be sure not to divulge the confidences you receive, as it would only have a bad effect on you. Use left-overs and materials on hand today. Don’t go shopping for a lot of new things. Whatever your intuition tells you may well be depended upon.

The number Two vibration is favorable for:

  • Requesting and granting favors.
  • Interviews with mother, sister, female relatives.
  • Marriage proposals.
  • Raising Funds
  • Getting a man to build a home.
  • Exercising and enhancing charm.
  • Making tactful speeches.
  • Getting popularity by being a good listener.
  • Employing discrimination.

This vibration holds true for Hourly Cycles, Universal and Individual days. The calculations can be found here:

From: Modern Numerology


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