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Four – The Mason

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Four, you are The Mason.

  • To calculate your Life Cycle Number go here.

The number of your Life Cycle is symbolized by the square. This stands for justice and equality, and it represents you in the center, bounded on each side, and thus restricted so that you can not expand.

Consequently, the only direction in which you can grow is – up!

The square represents the practical aspects of life, upon which all form is built. For this reason, you may look upon this Life Cycle as the building of foundations for better things to come.

You may look to this life as one of work. You are prepared for this by having been endowed with patience, endeavor, and the desire to render practical service. Method ond logic are the mental tools which you, as the mason, use. You are imbued with faithfulness and loyalty, although you are not particularly demonstrative about your emotions.

Conservatism may restrict you ideologically. Details and duties seem to overshadow the end-all aim of some of your endeavors. In some things it is wiser to go with the tide rather than try to direct its course. By avoiding the tendency to force your ideas on others, you can avoid the friction that retards your progress.

Your finest expression comes from your sense of form and design. You can visualize, in its completed form, the concept offered you by the artist and the architect. Then, in your own practical way, you can execute this design or blueprint.

It could never be said of you that you shirk your duties or avoid your responsibilities. Where dependability is wanted, you fill the bill – and you do a noble and creative job.

Source: Modern Numerology

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