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Three – The Artist

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Three, you are The Artist.

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You are the pinnacle of self-expression. Mentality plays a very large part in your life, for you see clearly and wholly. No delusions waste your time, even though you are pleasure-loving. You realize that all life is not mere fun.

Versatility is one of your outstanding traits. You have so many talents that you have difficulty in choosing a single one to express all that is within you, waiting to come out. You are a “quick study,” being able to acquire knowledge without making a strenuous effort. Your scholarship is not profound, however, for you do not devote all your time to study as the real scholar does.

You are sociable and entertaining. These qualities make it simple for you to make friends quickly. Most people like you; the exceptions are those who do not understand you. The reason is that they can not see the depth of your character, and think that your surface is the real you. Your enthusiasms are contagious, but your taste palls quickly, and then you seek the new.

You are inclined to accept things as they are, and not to worry too much. You like getting your own way and indulging your own desires. Your quick wit makes you a cutting critic of other people and their opinions. In fact your gift of words might well make you an excellent critic or writer, as well as teacher, lecturer, or entertainer.

Love is a necessity to you. Unless you are sharing a real emotional experience with someone who takes you seriously, you are not really happy.

Source: Modern Numerology

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