Numerology 101

Nine – The Metaphysician

If you have a Life Cycle Number of Nine, you are The Metaphysician.

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The highest aspirations and the noblest ideals are your cosmic heritage. Yours is a life of interest in the search for the mysteries behind the veil, and the meaning of psychic and occult experiences. Service is the keynote of your career, for you fully understand that what one does for others, generally and particularly, is the building of the greatest treasure for one’s self. All experience is encompassed in the time you have to spend upon this planet, for your Life Cycle is one of the all-inclusive.

You know that love is a greater experience than can be limited to one person or one family or one group. Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals, and you attempt to reach them through the practice of the divine and occult arts. You understand the great silences, the periods of meditation needed for development, and the need to go into “thy closet and pray.”

An extreme sensitivity makes you respond to people, atmosphere, environment, color, voices, and music. Extended to other planes, this trait makes you perceptive and receptive to psychic phenomena. You tend to vacillate between the heights and depths of ecstasy and sadness in your barometer-like reaction to outward circumstances. With the increase in your knowledge of philosophy and occultism, this tendency should vanish into thin air.

Liberty and freedom are your heralds, and you desire to travel upon the path of life unshackled by the impediments of wealth and possessions, knowing that he travels fastest who travels light. In some capacity, you are in touch with the public, or in the public eye, as lecturer, or entertainer, or orator. Your life will be full, and its years should be plenty.

Source: Modern Numerology

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