Numerology 101

Born on the Twenty-fourth

For those born on the twenty-fourth day of any month:

Your greatest happiness is in spreading happiness to others. You feel that no greater delight can come to anyone than through learning, and you are the teacher.

Combined in your make-up are the cooperator and the builder. This makes life a serious business for you, but you get joy in creative activity and do not resent the restrictions of a busy life.

Home and family mean more to you than anything else. No glittering entertainment attracts you as much as the easy chair and fireside. You want to be surrounded by the finer, beautiful things in life, and you make an effort to get them.

Don’t assume every obligation that is passed on to you. Your willingness would soon make you an easy mark for those not eager to hold up their end.

Born on a different day? Go here: What Day Were You Born

Note: The number of the day of your birth represents you as the world sees you. It is the numerological equivalent of the astrological ascendant or rising sign.

Source: Modern Numerology

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