Cat Magick

To Heal A Cat Wound

To heal a cat after it’s been in a fight, the Romanies recommend that you first light a blue candle. Place your cat on your lap or let the cat find its own comfortable place to lie. Soothe it with loving strokes until it purrs or appears relaxed and comfortable enough to stay put for five or ten minutes.

Close your eyes and pray for a spirit vet to work through your hands. After a few minutes you should feel heat emanating from your palms. You may then feel your hands being guided to various parts of your cat’s body. Direct them to where they are drawn.

Imagine the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple – streaming into the cat.

Finish by thanking the spirit vet who used your hands to channel healing energy. Then say, Kitten scrap scrabble scrap, before giving your cat a kiss to seal the spell.

Found at: Gypsy Magick and Lore

Cat Protection Ritual

For protection and blessings by the goddess Bast, of yourself and your cat pets, set up an altar with cat pictures and/or statues. These pictures and statues can be of any kind of cat, domestic or wild. Place a picture of yourself, your family, and some of your cats there also. Have two green candles on the altar. This ritual can be performed by itself or as part of a cast circle ritual.

NoteThis ritual also calls for a sistrum, which is a sort of rattle made of metal, and deeply associated with the goddess Bast and Egyptian magick. If you don’t have one, use a bell or small wind chimes instead.

To begin the ritual, take the sistrum and slowly dance or walk around the ritual area, shaking the sistrum as you go. Begin and end in the East and move clockwise. Chant as you go:

Joy comes from Bast, the Lady of Cats
The goddess loves and protects all animals.
As a daughter/son of Bast, I call upon her
To pour out her blessings.

Return to the altar and shake the sistrum while you say:

Hail, Bast, Lady of Cats.
Hail, Goddess of earthly delights.
Teach me to rejoice in the being that I am.
Teach me to love and be happy.

If you have pictures of your cats, look at them now with love and happiness. If you don’t have pictures, call up their images mentally. Call each cat by name as if presenting him/her to the goddess. Be alert to the atmosphere around you, for you will very likely experience the presence of the goddess in some manner.

When you have finished, take the sistrum and go to the East. Shake the sistrum five times. Say:

The ears of Bast are sensitive
to every word of harm sent against me and my pets.
My cats and I are protected.

To to the South, shake the sistrum five times and say:

The claws of Bast are sharp in my defence.
My cats and I are protected.

Move to the West. Shake the sistrum five times. Say:

The teeth of Bast are bared to evil-doers.
My cats and I are protected.

Finally, go to the North and shake the sistrum five times. Say:

The eyes of Bast can see through darkness.
Nothing escapes her notice.
My cats and I are protected.

Return to the altar. Shake the sistrum three times. Say:

Listen well, all those who would harm me and mine.
Here is erected a mighty fortress, an unbreakable shield.
You cannot enter here. Your evil thoughts return to you.
The gate is locked against you.

Visualize a green light filling the room, caressing you and the pictures of your cats. Don’t be surprised if your cats themselves enter the room to soak up this blessing.

Lovely Cat-Goddess, I thank you for your blessings.
Keep us in safety, good health, and happiness.
Protect my little ones wherever they may roam.

Blow a kiss to the goddess and extinguish the candles. As a special treat, both to Bast and to your cats, present your pets with a catnip toy to play with.

From: Book of Shadows

Cat Spells For Fertility

Here is a “Cat in the Cradle” ritual spell from Switzerland. Approximately one month after the wedding, visiting friends should bring a tomcat (not neutered) and a cradle to the new couple’s home. The cat is rocked in the cradle before the newlyweds.

  • Thai Marital Fertility Spell

In this Thai ritual, during the actual wedding ceremony, an older couple ritually prepares the bedroom so that it will be ready for use by the bride and groom. The room must be spiritually cleansed, protection set up and talismans left behind to radiate good fortune.

Talismans include bags of rice, sesame seeds, coins, and a tomcat (for happiness and fertility). The cat doesn’t have to be a gift, it can be someone’s pet that just hangs out in the room for a little while, emanating energy. The one caveat is that the cat may not be neutered. It defeats the purpose of the spell.

Note: This may be a good opportunity to adopt a stray from a shelter and let it participate in the ceremony prior to neutering.

Found at: Book of Shadows

A Cat Healing Chant

To petition Bast (the goddess of cats) for healing of cats, chant the following before her picture/statue while holding an actual picture or mental image of the sick animal:

Lift the hand of disease.
Restore health!

Cast out all illness.
Restore health!

Pour your healing powers through (name of cat).
Bast! Restore Health!

Repeat the chant 5 times, or until you feel it is complete.

Found at: Book of Shadows

The Veil of Isis Cat Spell

If anyone in the home should fall sick, take a crystal bowl filled with well-water and wash the hands and the face of the patient with it. Then, carry it to the garden door, and call for the cat of the household. When she appears, say to her:

Cat spirit, bright as sixpence,
Chase the devil a long long distance.
His soul I hold in these drops of water ~
May he be routed before next moon’s quarter.

Then you must throw the water away onto the garden, so that it passes over the cat but does not fall on her. She will, as likely as not, run away as if in pursuit of some spirit, and for this you must thank her three times over by using her magickal name.

In throwing the water over her to the ground, you have created the magickal veil of Isis, which summons the demon of the illness and draws it away from your loved one so that the cat may carry it away from the house.

Before the next moon’s quarter, that is, before a week has passed away, the one who has fallen sick should be on the mend.

From Catspells

Charm To Mend Broken Bones

To encourage broken bones to heal quickly, and to take away the pain, recite this charm over them after they have been set, all the while stroking a black cat.

Blessings on your skull,
With holy secrets it is full,
Let it smile on these bones
Precious as earth’s stones
Let it bless these bones
And hush your groans,
Let it work the spell
To knit these bones and make them well.
Blessings on your skull
With holy secrets it is full.

Gather a little hair from the cat (let it be loose hair, do not hurt her) and put it in a little white linen bag, which is to be worn around the neck until the bones are well on the mend. Bless the cat with her magickal name.

From Catspells

Spell for the Ancient Magickal Art of Naming

When you have chosen your kitten from the kindle (litter), being sure that this little mite is the one upon whom you wish to bestow your friendship and protection, know that this is a magickal pact, for you are guardian of the spirit of your cat, and he or she in like manner is invested with the occult power to guide and guard your spirit. You must think next of the naming ceremony, which is best done after some little acquaintance with the nature of your new friend.

Choose a pet-name for the cat’s child-spirit, and it is better if this be a folk-name, for these names have been magickally sealed with power and tradition through the ages, and the flavor of the earth is in them, and of the spirits of the earth, and of hearth and home.

Your friend may retain no more than a child-spirit for all his or her life long, but let it be given a secret, occult name also, in any event, for such a name will nurture the mysteries in the cat’s soul. It will protect the creature from malignant forces, will throw the Devil askew, and aid in the unfolding of his or her heart so that in the next life the animal may return with a spirit more gracious, bright and fair.

And if it should be that, after a year’s passing, you discover unto yourself that your cat has indeed already achieved seniority of soul, then it is meet that the animal should be given a grander name, a Name of Distinction, to inspire, foster and encourage the qualities that are beginning to reveal themselves, so that this treasure-hoard may grow and grow, and come to shine with divine brilliance like the stars of the night.

Do not hesitate to give your cat three names, for there is the inspiration of the Holy Trinity in it, and cats especially are animals of the Soul of All Things.

To name a cat three times whispers too of the uniform nature of the moon, for does not the night Goddess appear to us with either a full round face, or waxing with horns towards the east, or yet waning with horns towards the west? And in her pretty crescent or her majestic fullness, do we not see a likeness when we study the cat’s eye, for does not the contraction and dilation of its pupil speak to us of Bride and Artemis, goddesses of the new moon and the full? The cat is ever the creature of the night and goddess of the night.

To name your kitty, it is well to choose one of the Egyptian days of our calendar, and to gather valerian to make into a few drops of oil, so that you may anoint him or her just on the tip of the nose and behind the ears.

An old manuscript says:

Three days there are in the year which we call Egyptian days, and this is so because they were days of great divinity and consequence to the astrologers of ancient Egypt. These three days fall on the last Monday in April, the second Monday in August, and the third Monday in December.

All of the Egyptian days are Mondays, that is, days of the moon, and so we may call upon Butis, the Goddess of Night, Diana, the Goddess of the Ascended Moon, Isis, the Goddess of the Moon at her Rising, and Sekhmet, the Lady of Flame, for she is of vital power, a seer by night, and a goddess of might whose inspiration fires the mind and elevates it to acts of heretic magick and wmoan’s wisecraft.

On such an Egyptian night, take your kitten in your arms and stand in some sequestered place, wild and lovely, where you may see the moon as she rides the skies. Have a little vial of Valerian oil ready in your pocket, and scatter a few drops around yourself upon the turf to make a magick circle.

Call upon the four angels, Kokaviel, Ghedoriah, Chokmahiel and Savaniah, for these angels are of Mercury’s messenger spirit, and he is Lord of Naming. Call down the blessing of the goddesses of the night, and imagine yourself to be standing in a pure white temple, framed by magick’s skill.

Anoint the kitten, and tell the baptismal name to the stars, afterwards proclaiming thus:

Your name I set upon your brow
And to four shining angels bow
This mark of grace your guardian be
And make your name a magick key
Goddesses of Moon and Might
Bless my spells this Egypt’s night.

The spell is now worked. After thanking the angels, spirits and goddesses who worked with you, and bowing three times to the moon and the stars, you may homewards wend your way, deservedly satisfied with the night’s enterprise and your weaving of woman’s mysteries.

From: Catspells

Magickal Cat Names

There is an old tradition of naming that belongs to wisecraft, and in the following post a list of names for cats is offered, each of which is believed to create it’s own “naming spell” if it is used in conjunction with the magickal working given here: Spell for the Ancient Magickal Art of Naming.

The list is not comprehensive, but should serve rather as a starting point for your own ideas and research concerning the delicate question of naming your cat.

Each name is supposed to impart a distinctive and individual quality:

  • Names of Distinction ~ lend dignity and encourage “seniority of soul”
  • Folk Names ~ foster a cat’s “child spirit”
  • Magickal Names ~ bring a certain energy, effect, or magickal influence

And so, according to wiselore, a subtle three fold influence will be exerted over your feline friend when naming is celebrated as a magickal act. Alternatively, these names and their various meanings may reveal your cat’s true name, and give a bit of insight into the true nature of your feline friend.

Do not hesitate to give your cat three names, for there is the inspiration of the Holy Trinity in it, and cats especially are animals of the Soul of All Things.

To name a cat three times whispers too of the uniform nature of the moon, for does not the night Goddess appear to us with either a full round face, or waxing with horns towards the east, or yet waning with horns towards the west? And in her pretty crescent or her majestic fullness, do we not see a likeness when we study the cat’s eye, for does not the contraction and dilation of its pupil speak to us of Bride and Artemis, goddesses of the new moon and the full? The cat is ever the creature of the night and goddess of the night.

Names of Distinction

To honor the dignity of your feline companion, and to bestow consequence.

Feminine Names of Distinction
  • Adeline ~ Noble Serpent
    For a queen who is shy, sensitive, easily offended, quiet and unobtrusive.
  • Agatha~ Goodly
    For a queen who is primarily reserved and proud, over whose spirit move vivid flashes of brilliance, who in rare and intimate moments is lively and kittenish
  • Alberta ~ Nobly Bright
    For a queen who is retiring, independent, graceful, who has a pensive, dreamy air as though she lived half in the spirit world, who distrusts men.
  • Angelica ~ Angelic
    For a queen who loves the moon and whose behavior accurately foretells the weather, who must be stirring at night, who seems to see fairies, during the day she is languid and voluptuous, her affections run deep.
  • Aubrelia ~ Golden
    For a queen who is haughty, flighty in her affections, beautiful in appearance, adores home comforts and luxury, she is disdainful of other cats.
  • Awne ~ Swan Maiden
    For a queen with a sparkling, humorous air, as though she were ever laughing joyously at her human friend, her affections are sentimental, she has grace and beauty, she is an ever faithful companion to one member of the family, whom she herself selects.
  • Beatrice ~ Blesser
    For a queen who is lively, bold, intelligent and gay, she is enterprising and determined, she often finds herself in trouble, but is cheerful and imaginative in her attempts to extricate herself from it.
  • Berenice ~ Bringer of Victory
    For a queen who is full of vanity and selfishness, yet is the soul of constancy and who unconsciously brings much laughter and amusement to her human friend.
  • Bridget ~ Virgin Bride, Strength
    For a queen who is peaceful, homely, domesticated and devoted, she cherishes motherhood and is fiercely protective of yer young, her owner has her heart above all else, however, from whom she will accept even abuse quietly and meekly.
  • Clementina ~ Merciful
    For a queen who is a good mother, affectionate, loyal and placid, she is sleepy, but not indolent, she will catch prey, but only for food, she is attracted to water.
  • Columbine ~ Dove
    For a queen who is timid, resourceful, hesitant and solitary, her trust can be enticed from her, and if you are worthy, it is yours for good.
  • Diana ~ Goddess
    This queen is a strong, proud, vital animal, her passions and affections are deeply rooted, and will never fail, she is never fickle, but always valorous and bold, she may seem to have magickal powers and to be in communion with spirits, it is easy, and instructive to converse with the soul of this cat.
  • Elfrida ~ Elf Threatener
    Solitary, proud, dignified, this queen prefers her own company, the human friend is sometimes graciously allowed to engage her affectionate attention, she is elegant, delicate, graceful, reserved, she needs to know you will before she will place her trust in you.
  • Ernestina ~ Eagle Stone
    For a queen who is animated, coquettish, ardent in her affections, her air is one of vulnerability, surprise and timidity, she can show great courage, however in the face of danger, and suffers pain or injury with reticence and forbearance.
  • Griselda ~ Stone Battle Maid
    This queen is resourceful and determined, she possesses an abundant, muscular beauty, she is fearless and graceful, her soul is remote and strong, but she is deeply faithful.
  • Petronella ~ Rock
    For a queen who is jealous in her affections arrogant, restless and alert, she is intelligent, passionate and regal, she is a conscientious though excitable mother.
  • Rosamund ~ Rose of the World
    For a queen who is spiritual, refined and delicate in her habits, pensive, dreamy, beautiful and proud of carriage, in her affections she is gentle, yielding and ardent.
  • Selene ~ Moon
    For a queen who is secretive, drawn to the night, dark and mysterious in her aspect, majestic, gracious, condescending, she is serene and inert during the day, her habits are luxurious and extravagant.
  • Sibyl ~ Wise Woman
    For a queen who seems to be possessed of an ancient, steadfast soul, sagacious, calm, refined, sweet natured, she prefers quiet seclusion in the company of her owner, to whom she is passionately devoted, although she has a strong, independent, resourceful personality.
  • Theodora ~ Divine Gift
    For a queen who is sweet of temperament, graceful, wistful, she is intuitive emotional and timid, her human friend will often dream of her, her dream-likeness is wise and full of strange prophetic powers.
  • Virginia ~ Maidenly
    For a queen who is serious, attentive, silent and graceful, she is unassuming, but can be tempestuous when aroused, she is generally timorous and of subtle, changing moods.
  • Zerah ~ Rising of Light
    For a queen who is whimsical, seeming to dwell in a world of visions, she is intelligent, proud and austere, her personality is daring, captivating, she can be impetuous and intrepid.

Masculine Names of Distinction
  • Alfred ~ Wise Elf in Council
    For a tom who is prudent, keen, cunning and wise, he is strong and bold, solitary and pensive, he does not make enemies but is held in deep respect, even dogs flee him.
  • Ambrose ~ Immortal
    For a tom who is affectionate, trustful, languid, voluptuous and extravagant in personality, he loves the night, seeks a mate, but avoids fights, he is a first rate hunter, but will kill only for food, he is deeply crestfallen and subdued if he loses his dignity.
  • Aubrey ~ Elf Ruler
    For a tom who seeks the company of the moon and the night, he may be away for days, yet always returns faithfully home, with a sagacious air, as though his travels have imparted much experience and wisdom, if he has a feline companion, he will become deeply attached to his friend, his owner can be sure of his affection and loyalty.
  • Bertrand ~ Bright Raven
    For a tom who is wise and noble in his bearing, whose eyes hold great depth, who seems to hold counsel with himself as though he could gaze steadily down the highways of time and garner wisdom from ages past, he will walk with you, and guide you to strange and lovely places where the fairies dwell, he is always gentle and affectionate and devoted to his owner, although he can be fearless when the need arises.
  • Caradoc ~ Beloved
    For a tom who is bright, humorous and agile, he displays a sweet kittenish temperament although his human friend is not fooled, for this cat is wise and gifted, he can enter your dream as a guiding beneficent spirit, he is not afraid of losing his dignity, and seems often to seek to do so, as though he had some lesson to impart to his delighted observers.
  • Carmichael ~ Friend of Michael
    For a tom who is erratic, noble, ubiquitous, he is agile and intelligent, his temperament is like quicksilver, full of surprises and quirks, he is affectionate, though reserved.
  • Dominic ~ Sunday’s Child
    For a tom who is lovable, changeable, though unswerving in his loyalty to his owner, he distrusts men and adores women, almost as if he would pay court to them, he chooses certain stations in his environment which become his indisputable domain, for this principle to be challenged causes him the deepest consternation, and such effrontery will cause him to leave home for a period as a chastisement to his owner. Yet being loyal, he will always return, expecting to be petted and made much of.
  • Egbert ~ Formidably Bright
    For a tom who is sensitive, intelligent, proud of his status among his fellows, he has no sense of humor, and mishaps and misjudgments cause him agonizing humiliation and embarrassment, if his owner is party to his fall from dignity, he will sulk for hours. Being a noble tom, he is delicate and honorable in his habits and behavior.
  • Jabez ~ Sorrow
    For a tom who is gentle, affectionate, loyal and placid, his is a solitary soul, but he will never stray far from home, as though he were cognizant of life’s shadows, he is contemplative, meek and unobtrusive, nice in his habits.
  • Jerome ~ Holy Name
    For a tom who is impulsive, rash, haughty, he loves to dice with death, especially when he has an audience, he loves the night and the moon, but is very companionable at home, his enemies fear him, he loves human companions of the feminine gender and generally will not allow caresses from men, he is honorable in battle, and will allow vanquished foes to escape without harm, he is very jealous and possessive with his human family.
  • Llewellyn ~ Lionlike
    For a tom who is sleek, muscular, noble and upright of carriage, he is never furtive, he loves company, but is reserved and watchful therein, strangers make him shy, rare moments find him adoringly affectionate towards his human friend, he has ever a warm heart beating beneath a cool and poised exterior.
  • Marmaduke ~ Sea Leader
    For a tom who is a traveler, an adventurer, who seems to wish to walk the wide world, he seeks many lady loves, for whom he would fight to the death, after many wanderings, he will come home to enjoy the peace and company of the domestic fire, fully expecting to be cosseted, fussed over, petted and fondled as if he were a warrior home from the battlefield. His owners generally meet his expectations, for they sense a spirit of expansiveness and nobility in him.
  • Otto ~ Rich
    For a tom who is fond of capers and games, he is athletic, enthusiastic, innocent, valorous and cheerful, he will seldom allow his owner to be idle, demanding constant attention and active companionship, he likes to shadow his human friend, he will, by and by, settle and grow placid and redolent for a little while, he dreams vividly, and can step into the dreams of his human companion.
  • Randolph ~ Wolf of the House
    For a tom who is exuberantly loyal, affectionate, sweet natured and sociable, he is noble, wise, strong, intelligent and physically majestic, has moments of gravity and contemplation, but is more often absurdly kittenish, lovable and playful.
  • Solomon ~ Peaceful
    For a tom who is languorous, luxurious, proud, extravagant and delicate in his habits, he presents an air of aristocratic refinement, as though he were cultured and high-bred, he adores his human family, who alone can induce him to relax his dignity and become playful.
  • Theodoric ~ Ruler
    For a tom who is passionate in his freedom and independence, who is individualistic, eccentric, phlegmatic, and wise, he has periods of domesticity, when he is abundantly and overtly affectionate.

Folk Names for Feline Child Spirits

  • Billy Winker
    For a tom who is winsome, mischievous, easily frightened, often foolish, he stalks prey assiduously, but will turn around and run when he gets too close to his quarry.
  • Kitty-Witch
    For the queen who is pert, capricious, frolicsome, moody, she plays the coquette to gain human attention, frisks at weather changes and thunder, becomes irritable and demanding if she cannot remain the center of attention.
  • Melsh Dick
    For a tom who is swift and silent as a sprite, always appearing unexpectedly or spying on his human friends from hidden peepholes, he is disobedient, cheerful and heedless, he causes many minor calamities, he loves the night, and he loves to be vocal in it.
  • Pegsy
    For a queen who is timid, frisky and shy, she dislikes company and will flee at the sight of strangers, her owner will be able to win her trust only with great effort and patience, she needs to be steadied and brought down to earth.
  • Pisky 
    For a queen who is of shifting moods, she will assume a regal air, then wax kittenishly playful, she will sulk for an hour or two, fall asleep, and wake wide-eyed and innocent, forgetful of presumed insults.
  • Wiggin
    For a tom who is playful, foolish and unable to acquire the usual feline skills, he cannot climb, unless it be to the window ledge, where he spends most of his time, he is prone to absurd mishaps and accidents which are seldom serious, he cannot hunt, but will run after butterflies.
  • Wilkie
    For a tom who is phlegmatic, plodding, patient, he will insist on attempting what he knows he is incapable of and has often to be rescued from treetops and other heights, he will always flee from a fight, though other toms seek to waylay him.
  • Yarthkins
    For a queen who is playful affectionate and kittenish all her life, although she kindles many kittens, these she hides with great mystery in odd places, presenting them afterwards to her human friend with a show of triumph and pride in her achievement.

Magickal Names for Magickal Cats

Magickal names for magickal cats can encompass a wide variety of energies and ideas. If you wish to bring a certain energy, effect, or magickal influence into your life through your magickal cat, you can use the power of a name to do so.

The Earth Element

In ancient Celtic symbolism, the Earth is a unifying force. The Earth consecrates. It anchors, reunites, and re-establishes all things in need of her balancing effect.

  • Earthy Names

Alluvia, Arroyo, Beck, Bare, Cairn, Chalcedon, Clay, Crag, Crystal, Dolman, Dune, Gemma, Greenwood, Grove, Jet, Ley, Mesa, Moraine, Obsidian, Onyx, Ravine, Savanna, Shale, Stone, Sylvan, Sylvana, Tarn, Telluria, Topaz, Tor, Vale. 

The Air Element

Carefree, light and fast, the element of Air speaks of our distant and transparent nature, and prepares us to jump into the wind and fly. The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and with them, opens our Soul to personal freedom.

  • Airy Names

Aether, Anemone, Argon, Boreas, Cardea, Gale, Hurikan, Keen, Khamseen, Mesembria, Miasma, Myst, Notus, Scirocco, Skye, Tempest, Typhon, Vortex, Windflower, Zephyr.

The Fire Element

The fire element is all about transformation. The Element of Fire has great power for forging will and determination. It is our inner light as well as a living symbol of the Divine fire that burns in every soul.

  • Fiery Names

Agni, Ardent, Baelfire, Blaze, Candelifera, Censer, Chandelle, Dittany, Ember, Firefly, Flame, Glint, Gorge, Magma, Phoenix, Prometheus, Pyrrha, Salamander, Scorch, Smoke, Smolder, Sylph, Tallow, Taper, Torch, Vesta, Vulcan.  

The Water Element

Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic, and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love that pours over us when we are with our family, friends and loved ones.

  • Watery Names

Amberella, Amphora, Aquamarine, Avalanche, Brine, Brook, Cascade, Chalice, Delta, Deluge, Dylan, Hailstone, Hoarforst, Llyr, Maelstorm, Moonsoon, Niagra, Nile, Oasis, Oshun, Pearl, Rain, Riverine, Scald, Serac, Storm, Telechine, Tide, Torrent, Trill, Tsunami, Wave, Weir.  

Names from the Deva Kingdom
  • Any flower, herb, or tree can be used for magical names:  

Agrimony, Aloe, Amaranth, Anise, Betony, Buckthorn, Chervil, Damiana, Elecampane, Gentian, Germander, Lovage, Mastic, Medlar, Melilot, Oleander, Pomergranate, Savin, Samphire, Tamarind, Tarragon, and Yarrow.

  • Plants that are considered especially magickal:

Aconite, Belladonna, Blackthorn, Bryony, Galangal, Hellebore, Mandrake, Nightshade, Rowan, Vervain, or Wolfbane.

Names from Myth and Legend
  • Male power names:

Anu, Cernunnos or Kernunnos, Shango, Cuchulain, Gilgamesh, Hercules, Marduk, Poseidon, Samson, Taranis and Thor.

  • Female power names:

Ambika, Boadicea, Cartimandua, Dellah, Durga, Galiana, Kali, Macha, Mong Ruadh, Morrigan, Myrine, Nessa, Onomaris, Oya, Scathach and Vashti.

  • Female Amazon Names:

Aella, Antandre, Antianira, Antiope, Clymene, Evandre, Harpe, Hippolyta, Lyce, Melanippe, Myrian, Omphale, Otrere, Pantariste, Penthesilea, Polydora, Thalestris, Thoe, Xanthe. 

  • Male Centaur Names:

Ancius, Argius, Centaurus, Chiron, Crotus, Dexamenus, Elatus, Eurytion, Hippotion, Hylaeus, Nessus, Oreus, Phrixus, Thereus.

  • Satyr Names:

Astraeus, Gemon, Lamis, Leneus, Lycon, Napaeus, Orestes, Pan, Petraeus, Phareus, Pithos, Poemenius, Satry, Satyrion, Satyrius, Satyros, Silenus.

  • Nymphs:

Abrya, Andrastea, Anthracia, Asteria, Asterodia, Chian, Chreyse, Crannae, Dryope, Echo, Harmonia, Leuce, Marica, Menthe, Moria, Mytoessa, Neda, Nephele, Orphne, Perdix, Phiale, Philyra, Phyllis, Pitys, Rhene, Thisbe.

  • Male Fairies:

Aillen, Amadan, Dubn, Brown Man, Cluricaun, Credene, Donn, Gachan, Ginvarra, Ghillie, Kelpie, Luchtar, Melwas, Oberon, Puck, Rhys Dwfen, Tamerlane, Trow, Tylwyth, Urisk, Wichtlein. 

  • Female Fairies:

Aeval, Aine, Airmed, Aoibheal, Banshee, Bendith, Caer, Clethard, Cliodna, Donagh, Eri, Glaistig, Uaine, Grania, Mab, Summer, Titania, Una.

From: Catspells and other sources

Witches and Cats

“All cats are grey at night.”
~Old French Proverb

No other animal is more frequently linked with Witches and the Craft than the cat, and in particular the black cat.

This is not just part of the mythology of the Craft, as many Witches live with cats. Notice I say “live with” not “own.” No one who knows cats will ever consider that you can have possession of one! Having said that, there is no reason why you have to live with a cat to be a Witch.

There is an enormous body of folklore surrounding the cat. A cat washing behind it’s ears is said to forecast rain; stroking an affected eye with a cat’s tail was thought to cure a stye, and so forth. Whatever you feel about such sayings there is no doubt that the cat is a very magical animal. One of mine, now sadly dead, could tell the difference between a true Witch and a pretender. Certainly both my current cats pay great attention whenever I am practicing the Craft, and can distinguish between a candle lit for magic and one lit for ambiance.

Another way in which cats and Witches are linked is that cats are probably the best domestic animal for borrowing. That is when you transfer a part of your mind into the body of the animal so that you can travel in it’s shape and experience the things it sees and does. Indeed; it is thought that the saying that a cat has nine lives is an indication of the number of times a Witch can ride with a cat in this way.

Found in: The Real Witches’ Year

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“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.”

― Colette

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