New Age Turquoise

  • Key words: Love, healing, generosity, emotion, feeling , the unconscious , intuition, individual responsibility .creativity , communication, self reliance , independence.

This color has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought. These colors between green and blue the shades of turquoise, blue green and or aqua relate to transformation, evolution, change, sharing, waves, metamorphosis, transmutation, the inner teacher, and the spiritual heart or Thymus Chakra, a transpersonal chakra on the hara line (deeper aura level ) about midway between the heart and the throat.

This is a chakra which connects us with energies of spiritual love and mystical communion and the Divine or God concept (however you name it ) as teacher and as Sacred Lover and beloved. These are shades that admit us to varied realms of the trans-dimensional, meaning existence beyond time and space.

While the most common elemental attribution of this color is to water it is also a color of air and spirit. Turquoise is associated with ancient civilizations, the New Age and also with the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The word aqua means water. These shades are strongly evocative of the ocean on a clear day especially that of the lovely warm tropical Island seas.

This family of colors is a color of mystics and telepathy a symbol of the heavens and of the sea, of fluid movement and mutability.

These colors are used in color meditations, in forming a connection for communication and general awareness and with dolphins, with angels and with elemental, other dimensional beings and for help journeying into other realms. A color that promotes higher emotional communication, Self awareness and initiative.

In accord with its assignment to Aquarius and the “new age” . Turquoise on a more mundane level, corresponds to the modern communication network satellites, telephones and the internet .

These colors are associated both with ancient and ethnic artistry and with the cutting edge modern techno artistry. From the mosaics of the ancient world, the aqua clay paint accents of Northwest Native American works to the rather kitchy “modern ” of the fifties, such as cone shaped plastic chairs , and lava lamps, these shades have been used in a startling range of ways.

In the Aura turquoise has not been common, it may be seen around Poets and Mystics, indicates a person with a seeking mind who is interested in almost everything, some may specialize in research of some kind, usually altruistic , to benefit humanity as a whole analytical, insightful, good counselors It may become more common as the “new millennium” progresses.  It is transient in the aura when a person is thinking of ideas and ideals.


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