Consciously Working With The Chakras


So let me introduce the practice of entering your chakras every morning, with the intention of working consciously with your spirit. Drop your intention to your first chakra, to the base of your body, to the root of your spine. Put your attention there. This is your connection to Mother Earth. Feel yourself connected to that earth energy. Picture yourself sitting on wet earth. Picture yourself smelling that fragrance of newly cut grass. Feel yourself embraced by the soft wind of early morning. Feel sun on you. Feel sound around you. There is only you and the Earth now. You and Gaia.

This is your connection to your own life, to who you are, to the experience of being alive. This part of your body, your first chakra, contains the truth that all is one. You know that. As you radiate in this part of your body, you can feel that truth. You can feel yourself connected to every part of life. The fragrance of the Earth, the aquatic systems, the air, nature, life, your family, your friends, the planet. all of life is connected to you in this moment. All of life.

As you prepare for your day, consciously walk into these thoughts.

Allow that truth that all is one to penetrate through your body and feel that truth and its force moving down your legs. Feel that. Your first chakra is connected to your legs. Feel that power that when you walk on this Earth, you are walking in that truth. No matter where you walk you’re going to be connected to that electrical guidance that met you the day that you were born.

You have a circuit and that circuit connects you to every form of magnetic life on this planet.

Take a moment and put your attention there and think about your day. Do you feel unsafe or insecure on this day in your life? Is there something that scares you about this day in your life? Feel your fears, pull them into your consciousness, because you’re doing to need to deal with them today.

What strengths can you feel from this part of your body? Remind yourself again: all is one. This is your area of physical strength, this is the part of your body that pulls from that deep sense you have of trusting in your own strength to stand tall. To handle whatever weight is put on your shoulders.

You’ve got tremendous strength; feel that. It emanates from this part of your body; sense that. Make this power strong; feel it. Continue reading

The Seven Energy Vortex Meditation Technique


These vortexes, also called Chakras, are located at specific points all in a row, which makes them easy to remember, and if you are not familiar with the Chakra system, you can read more about it here. This meditation practice is designed to gently unfold over the period of a month. Beginning slowly, and mastering each step as you go along.

Getting Started:

Before you begin, you will need to select some appropriate music. Music is the Universal Language. Its content can be broken into mathematical formulas, and it has the ability to alter your spiritual vibrations. The music you choose can be calming, exciting, loving, etc. It is best to find a piece you enjoy – one that is light and easy. There is a wonderful selection of music available these days in the New Age section at the record and tape stores. I do not suggest using a tape with subliminals. If you do not care for the newer music on the market, try the classics. Using a radio is not recommended because commercials and disc jockey blather tend to make you lose you concentration.

Pick a time of day that you will not be disturbed, and one that fits into your schedule. At first, block out only ten minutes time, then extend it as your proficiency and patience grows. When you can successfully meditate anywhere, you will know you’ve got the hang of it.

In the beginning, the lighting in the room should be dim — soft candlelight is excellent. Try not to wear restrictive clothing, and find a comfortable chair, but not one so soothing that you will instantly fall asleep.

Be sure that the volume of the music is not too loud. You might consider using headphones because they block out all other sounds.


When you are finished with each meditation, imagine a zipper the length of your body. You must close up that zipper to shut down the chakras; never leave them open. When complete, count from ten to one, then tell yourself you are fully awake. Breathe deeply.

Week One:

Begin by closing your eyes and consciously relaxing your body. Some people prefer to relax the body one part at a time, starting at the feet and working up to the top of the head. Others can consciously release tension in a few seconds. Breathe deeply — in to the count of four, out to the count of four — approximately ten times.

Let your mind slip into a semi-conscious state. Try to ignore tingles, itches, etc, but don’t make a major battle out of it. Eventually your body will not protest relaxing!

Now it is time to make believe. Don’t laugh! Wishes and make believe are the same as reality, it is only you who draws the line between the two. So, make believe that you are a fountain of sparkling blue light, or a waterfall, perhaps. This light springs from the top of your head and showers down your right side, swirls around your feet and comes back up the left side.

Watch this continuous flow of light from your third eye (which is located in the middle of your forehead, above the bridge of your nose). When this is fully opened, it is a powerful and natural tool.

Don’t get excited if you can’t “see” right away as if you are watching an inner movie. It can take up to thirty days to bring the picture in focus for some; as little as five days for others. Do not put yourself under pressure. Many people have their imagination on a very tight lease for fear that society in general will frown upon them. In the privacy of your meditation, no one will know or care about your imagination, so let it go.

Continue the fountain exercise for one full week before going further. This will give your body and mind time to adjust to a new routine and react the way you want it to. End each exercise by envisioning yourself being zipped up like a sleeping bag and counting backwards from ten to one. At one, open your eyes and instruct yourself to fully awaken.

Week Two:

During the second week you should follow the same procedures, but this time you will continue your meditation after you complete the fountain by opening up the Chakra center. You can envision them as tumbling balls of colored light, the opening of colored flowers (like a rose or a lotus), or as spirals of colored light.

Start at the crown of your head and envision a pure white ball (flower, etc.) of sparkling light. Start the ball spinning in a downward rotation, yet the ball remains in place. When you have this center set in your mind continue to the next Chakra.

This one is purple and located at the third eye area we talked about earlier. When that one is spinning and stable, move to the throat Chakra, where you will find a beautiful azure blue ball.

Next is the heart Chakra, which can be envisioned as either bright green or warm pink. Move down to your navel and see yellow, as bright as summer sunshine; the area below it, between the navel and groin, see the orange of the setting sun. The last Chakra is in the groin area, and it is crimson red. There are also energy centers in the hands and feet; I let them explode all together into small, white balls of light.

Week Three:

The third week you will try the hardest trick. Once you have all the balls spinning, let their colors flow into one another, like a giant, colorful waterfall or fountain — hence, fountain meditation.

Once you have mastered the third week, you will have completed the series. It is then up to you if you wish to continue every day, or if you would prefer to refresh your chakras and your energy on a weekly basis instead.


Let’s stop here and consider if none of this has been working for you. First, you must believe that it is going to work from the beginning. If you are having any doubts, they are probably affecting your subconscious. Try writing some affirmations or taping to yourself to solve this dilemma. You may also try working the chakras from the groin area up.

Meditation may not work if you are overly tired or not in the appropriate atmosphere. There are certain times in the day where people are more in sync than others. If mornings are good for you usually, try meditating in the early hours instead of night time.

A complete meditation is designed to accomplish something. A partial meditation, like the fountain during the first week, is structured to balance the chakras and relieve stress. When you are finished with the partial meditation, you should feel rested and relaxed, yet energized.

If you fall asleep during the exercise, do not worry too much about it. Your body is telling you that you need the rest. If this happens often, and you are getting enough sleep at night, check your seating, lighting, and the time of day. Perhaps one or more could be changed to keep you from dozing off.

As you become more capable of controlling your meditation exercises, you can investigate other meditations that incorporate creative visualization techniques, subliminals or visualization training.

Source: To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf

Chakra Alignment Exercise

cafb0de15c0d64193d452eb1d3f380bcIn order for the chakras to work smoothly, they need to be aligned with each other. The most direct alignment is with the spine relatively straight. If the spine is too straight, it becomes rigid and tense which blocks the opening of the chakras.

Here’s how:

Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, stretch your hands up high over your head, reaching with your whole body, stretching out each of your chakras. Feel how this elongated position encourages the chakras to align.

When you return to a normal standing position, try to maintain that sense of height, aligning your body so that the central core of each major section (pelvis, solar plexus, chest, throat, head) feels in direct alignment with the central axis of your body. Allow your feet to connect solidly below you and feel the central core (sushumna) that connects all the chakras.

Source: Wheels of Life

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