Chakra Zen Incantations

The Thinking and Breathing incantations in Eric Maisel’s book entitled Ten Zen Seconds: Twelve incantations for Purpose, Power and Calm  are as simple as counting from one to two.


Here’s how it works – First take in a deep breath. Second release a cleansing breath out. The thought is a phrase that is to be spoken out loud. The words are to broken down into two parts so that it has a rhythmic tone to it.


I am open to joy.

Breathe in as you say … I AM OPEN,
On the out breath say … TO JOY.

The idea is not to create images in your mind while doing these incantation, but to focus only on the words and the breath. Here are some chakra-zen incantations that are intended to be used for chakra balancing.

Chakra Zen Incantations:

  • My energy … is free of blockages.
  • My root chakra … is deeply grounded.
  • My sacral chakra juices ,,, are creative and bold.
  • My solar plexus … feels mellow and calm.
  • My heart … is filled with love.
  • My throat … speaks the truth.
  • My third eye … intuits inner knowledge.
  • My crown chakra … projects inspiration.
  • My chakras … are spinning in alignment.
  • My aura … is colorful and clutter-free.
  • My lightbody … beams brightly.
  • I am … centered and balanced.

These can be done individually as needed, or collectively. Recommended time spent on this mantra practice is 15 to 20 minutes each day.

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