Consciously Working With The Chakras


So let me introduce the practice of entering your chakras every morning, with the intention of working consciously with your spirit. Drop your intention to your first chakra, to the base of your body, to the root of your spine. Put your attention there. This is your connection to Mother Earth. Feel yourself connected to that earth energy. Picture yourself sitting on wet earth. Picture yourself smelling that fragrance of newly cut grass. Feel yourself embraced by the soft wind of early morning. Feel sun on you. Feel sound around you. There is only you and the Earth now. You and Gaia.

This is your connection to your own life, to who you are, to the experience of being alive. This part of your body, your first chakra, contains the truth that all is one. You know that. As you radiate in this part of your body, you can feel that truth. You can feel yourself connected to every part of life. The fragrance of the Earth, the aquatic systems, the air, nature, life, your family, your friends, the planet. all of life is connected to you in this moment. All of life.

As you prepare for your day, consciously walk into these thoughts.

Allow that truth that all is one to penetrate through your body and feel that truth and its force moving down your legs. Feel that. Your first chakra is connected to your legs. Feel that power that when you walk on this Earth, you are walking in that truth. No matter where you walk you’re going to be connected to that electrical guidance that met you the day that you were born.

You have a circuit and that circuit connects you to every form of magnetic life on this planet.

Take a moment and put your attention there and think about your day. Do you feel unsafe or insecure on this day in your life? Is there something that scares you about this day in your life? Feel your fears, pull them into your consciousness, because you’re doing to need to deal with them today.

What strengths can you feel from this part of your body? Remind yourself again: all is one. This is your area of physical strength, this is the part of your body that pulls from that deep sense you have of trusting in your own strength to stand tall. To handle whatever weight is put on your shoulders.

You’ve got tremendous strength; feel that. It emanates from this part of your body; sense that. Make this power strong; feel it.


Now move your attention gradually up your spine to your second chakra. You’re in your lower back; you’re in your hips, you’re in your sexual genital area. Feel your attention there. This energy is vibrant. This energy is red. This energy is hot. The energy of this part of the body is alive, magnetically powerful. The truth: honor one another, resides in this part of the body. Feel that energy.

Now review your day. Who are you supposed to be with today? This is the part of your body that records that. This is the part of your body that records all of your relationships every day; how you interact with your relationships. This is the part of your body that contains your fight or flight instinct. Feel that.

Are you prepared for a battle today? Or are you calm?

If you’re meeting someone today that you feel uncomfortable with, put them in front of you now. Put their face there. Imagine yourself sitting opposite them, pull up all of your anger towards this person, all of your resentment; pull up all of your fear, and put it into your conscious mind right now.

And then ask yourself– what is it about this person that I don’t like? I need to know that. Imagine that the gods sent this person into your life to bring you a message. Now put your attention on looking directly into this persons’ eyes; keep your eyes focused on this person and say– tell me why you are in my life. What message do you have for me? And then reverse it. And say to the person– look into my eyes, what message do I have for you?

And then look at this person and imagine you’re dying and this is the last person that’s holding you. This is the person that’s going to hold you in that last moment. And now feel that feeling and let it go.

Focus your attention now on your work, your second chakra is your work. What are you going to do today? How do you feel about your work? Are there projects you’re afraid of? Are there projects you’re excited about? Sense your security level. Do you feel yourself losing power when you think about your work? Does it frighten you? Feel that in your body.

Focus your attention on money. Finances. As you do this, put your attention on your lower back. Are you dealing with any financial fears? Are you losing power over your relationship with money? Now identify the illusion—why are you doing that. Identify the illusion.

Now reverse it. Think of all the positive energy you’re generating from this part of your body. Think about all of the people in your life who you love and who you support. You’re connected to them through this part of your body. This is the center through which you send them love and support in their physical life. Think of those people and send them the messages you want to send them. Take that moment now.

Focus your attention now on creativity. This is the part of your body where creativity thrives. Your second chakra. This is your birth center. This is where you give life to your ideas, to your forms– you bring them into the Earth through here. Visualize the ideas you want to create today. Visualize them. And imagine bringing your prana, your life energy—bring it into this part of your body.


And now take a deep breath. And move your attention to your third chakra. You’re now in the center of the truth, in your solar plexus, of: honor yourself. That power lives in this center. Honor your self. Focus your attention on how you feel about your self today. Do you feel strong? Do you feel frightened? If you’re feeling frightened, what is it that’s scaring you? Identify it, call it by name. Call that fear and have it face you now. Look directly into it. Converse with it. Say to that fear– let’s work together. I want you out of my system. I want you to become a strength. Work with me.

Think about your self esteem. Do you need anybody’s approval today? And if so ask yourself why. Why do you need that person’s approval? What about your own? What about approving of yourself? Do you need courage today? Are you facing anything that challenges you where you need to be courageous and strong.

This is your center of honor and integrity. This is your center of endurance and of dignity. This is a moment that you should spend with yourself, reminding yourself of your honor code. Reminding yourself of your integrity. And of what you’ve promised yourself spiritually, in terms of how you want to live your life each day.


Now raise your attention and move up to your fourth chakra. You’re in the center of your body, you’re in your heart. You’re in the center of love. This is the heart of your life. Focus on the truth that love is divine power. That this is the only true power that makes any difference in the human experience.

Begin your day by asking yourself—how do you feel about yourself today? Do you care enough about yourself to protect yourself from anger, to protect yourself from stressful situations that could be handled with love or compassion? Do you care for yourself enough to not hold negative energies toward another person, to protect the quality of energy in your heart?

Now look ahead toward your day and think of the people you’re scheduled to meet. See each one of them and ask yourself how do you feel about these people; ask yourself one at a time with each person, how doe you feel about each one? Where you feel love for these people, send more love; greet them, greet them in your meditation. Greet them with that feeling that your heart has so much room for them and that they’re so deeply welcomed in your heart.

Now focus your attention on those you don’t love. And ask yourself why do I feel this way. Say the prayer– show me why, tell me why I feel this way. I need to know this because this is becoming conscious. Let me learn more about that today in this life.

Focus your attention on who you need to forgive today, or who you should have forgiven yesterday. Put them in front of you and ask yourself—what is it I really would like to say to this person before I will forgive them. Let that rage come out. Let your hurt feelings come out. Let your bitterness come out, feel that, don’t let it stay in your heart—let it out.

And then look at that person and imagine that they feel those same things, that someone hurt them that much. And then realize the prayer: we need to learn this forgiveness together. I’m grateful for this companion. This companion is a difficult one therefore I need to learn strength. I may be a very difficult companion for this person, therefore he or she needs to learn strength.

Be kind to yourself and tell yourself forgiveness is not easy but today I ask for one more step towards that goal.

Finally, as you’re preparing to leave your fourth chakra, program it, tell it how much love you want to share that day; tell yourself to be open to receiving love. Tell yourself you want to appreciate this day. Release the prayer that you want to look at the day through your heart and not through your fears, that you want to feel gratitude for the events that happen. And even for the events that don’t happen that you thought should happen, you want to feel gratitude that they didn’t show up. Remind yourself that if they don’t show up they weren’t supposed to appear in your life that day. Prepare for the day that you’re about to live. Keep your attention on the right way to walk into that day. You’re not the only one creating that day.


Move your attention to your fifth chakra, your throat. Focus on the truth: I surrender my personal will to divine will. As you remind yourself of this truth, remind yourself that in saying this prayer an answer toward that prayer will be contained in today. Something will come up today that will cause you to have to release your will– remind yourself of that.

This is your center of choices; it is this part of your energy system that contains the central cord of your power because this is where you make your choices. You make choices to empower your soul into attitudes into memories, into creativity, into positive feelings about yourself, into negative feelings about yourself or others. You make those choices. You make those choices to fear your day, to love your day, you make these choices. They come through this part of your body. Make a commitment to yourself as to what type of choices you want to use today.

How do you want to direct your will? Make a commitment to yourself that you will make choices that empower you and bring more and more clarity into your mind and into your heart as to who you are and what your life is really about here in the phys world. And that you have the courage to make choices that reflect the learning of your spirit, instead of the empowerment of illusion.


Now take a breath and let’s move your attention to your sixth chakra. You are now residing in your mind, you’re residing in your cerebral territory. You like your mind. Your mind is a powerful instrument. It feels good. Your mind works. It generates ideas, it generates creativity, it generates perceptions. Roll around in your mind. Fall in love with your mind this morning. Feel its power.

Now let your mind talk to you. What is it thinking about today? Is your mind preparing to enter the day feeling good or is it generating illusions? Imagine that your mind is sitting opposite you now and you ask your mind– show me what illusions we’re working on today. What illusions are we going to work through today? Imagine that your mind says– today we’re going to work through the illusion that the external world has more power over you than your internal world. This is a strong illusion and today you’re going to work on that. Take a moment, feel the illusions, identify them, put words to your illusions. Identify one more illusion today, just one.

Focus your attention now on your beliefs and your attitudes, on your memories. How much time do you spend focusing your attention on your history and on your past? How much of your attention is put into negative attitudes, into pessimism. Think about this, and ask yourself– do you want to stay in that thought energy today? If not, ask your mind to generate greater truths that you know are true and ask them to reside in your mind. That everything in your life is there for a reason. Life moves in cycles. Just when you fear the worst, the best happens. Let go, give your will to the divine. You know deep in your mind that heaven is watching you and watching over you. You know that.

You know that no matter what happens you are blessed and its always for the right reasons– you know that. And remind yourself most of all that everyone you meet has the same fears you do. You do not stand alone in this. So as you enter the day, enter it with absolute delight that everyone’s like you. Everyone.

As you prepare to leave the sixth chakra, remind yourself that the purpose of every day of our lives is to seek only truth—the central theme of the sixth chakra. Seek only truth. Everything in our lives, every experience, every relationship, is designed fundamentally to teach us truth. Seek only truth.


And finally take a deep breath. Come up to your seventh chakra. This is the center of the truth: live in present time. Present time is all we have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here. All we have is now. Now, the precious energy of now. This truth has the power to change everything in your life. Everything in your life can be changed by holding on to that truth– live in present time.

Because then nothing in your history has authority over what you’re doing now. Look back at your history, look aback at your past and bless it. Say thank you. Its been a blessing. Think of all the wonderful things that have happened to you in your history. Don’t just think about the negative; don’t do that. Send yourself back now, just for a moment, and focus only on the positive; only on all of the wonderment of your life—all the coincidences, all the surprises. and bring them back to the present moment. Remind yourself of all of the marvelous changes in your life that came that you didn’t see coming. What caused that? It’s a signal of the divine.

Remind yourself that your spirit is a present time creature. It knows only the now. Practice this discipline several times in the day. When you sit with someone. when you’re talking with someone, when your reading something. When you’re having lunch. When you’re walking home. Tell yourself this is all I have. This is the present moment, this is all there is to my life right now. Study every part of that moment. Listen to its sound, sense its fragrance. Feel it, appreciate everything about that moment. It is the only point of your life.

Promise yourself you’ll return to that perception a thousand times a day because it keeps your attention in present time. It’s the most powerful perception you can hold, maintaining the truth that there is only the now, there is only present time. It makes forgiveness very easy because there is nothing to forgive. It makes loving everyone very easy because they haven’t done anything to you. Because yesterday, what they did, doesn’t exist anymore. And you’re looking at a new person. And you’re a new person. Every day then contains a thousand new opportunities that could not have been there yesterday because you were looking through your life through yesterday. Look only through now.

So as you glance at the day ahead, release the prayer: I only want to see the day ahead. I have only the now. My attention will not go backwards into my history and my attention will not move forward into my future. I am committed to staying only in present time, to remaining grounded in my world, to feeling a bond with each person I meet, to respecting my own integrity and my own honor. To living within the energy of love and compassion on this day and returning to that energy when I don’t feel it. To making wise and blessed and choices with my will, to release the need to know why things happen as they do and to not project expectations over how I want this day to be and how I want others to be.

And finally my last prayer– to trust God and with that I bless my day in gratefulness and with love.

From: Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice by Caroline Myss
Artwork via Angel Matrix Art

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