World’s Largest Burger

Check this kid out!
He’s going to eat the world’s largest burger ever!

Is this for real?
Yes, it actually is!
Here’s the cook…

The Over De Flames burger, which could be the whopper to end all whoppers, contains more than 13,000 calories – almost the amount an average man should consume in a week.

Standing at around 30cm in diameter and containing a staggering 40 slices of cheese, the burger poses a gut-busting challenge for even the hungriest of customers. It is served with fries and a milkshake, boasts lashings of relish, ketchup and mayonnaise, plus two whole onions, three tomatoes and an entire head of lettuce.

Equivalent to more than 26 quarter-pounders, the monolithic meat feast contains three kilos of beef (6.5lb), dwarfing its competitors in the race to be named Britain’s biggest – and most calorific – burger.

The brainchild of restaurateur Sudeep De, the burger is only available at the Over De Flames restaurant within Norwich venue The Basement.

I Love Tiny Things

A deck of tiny playing cards. Fun!

A very tiny baby gets a bottle. Cute!

Tiny rubber duckies… they’d get lost in a hurry in my bathtub!

Awww… a cute teeny tiny crocheted owl!

Wowsers! Now that’s some tiny knitting!

A handful of tiny pop cans. Nifty!

Check out this tiny knife and fork! Very cool!

I love it, a tiny bouquet of tiny flowers! Very nice!

Look, a miniature violin! Unbelievable!

What’s this? A tiny play station? Super fun!

Check out this tiny container of salt!

A tiny little plant in a tiny little mug. Love it!

Where I’d Rather Live

So beautiful…
if I lived here, I’d have to have a gardener…
…and a landscape and yard work crew!

Wow! I am so in love with this one!

Ooooh, nice… a castle on the hill!

Another castle… you’d need a crew to clean it… but how fun to have so many rooms and places to explore! Family could visit and you’d never even have to see them!

Ahhh… so nice.

Love those turrets! I could live here for sure!

This is nice, well fortified… on the water… Sweet.

I love this too. A villa by the sea. Wouldn’t that be nice?

This is fun… and colorful!

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