Silly Quarantine Signs From El Arroyo

From the El Arroyo in Texas, we have these silly signs that will only make sense if you have lived through the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantines.

Has everyone picked out their outfits to wear to the living room?

You’ve heard of panic! at the disco, get ready for… Panic! at the Costco

I’m gonna carpe sooo many diems when this is all over.

If I’m quarantined with my wife for two weeks and I die… it wasn’t the virus.

My Grocery list: 1. Don’t run into anyone I know. 2. Eggs.

Now would be a good time to legalize drive up margaritas.

Day 17, I’ve finished Netflix.

Single man with TP seeks single woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.

My dog is looking at me like “see this is why I chew the furniture”.

If you see me talking to myself this week, I’m having a parent-teacher conference.

Back in my day we used to string toilet paper on the yards of our enemies.

At least we don’t have to hunt for our food, I don’t even know where tacos live.

Just remember… someone out there is quarantined with your ex.

I may be quarantined, but my boobs have never been freer.

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