I Love Tiny Things

A deck of tiny playing cards. Fun!

A very tiny baby gets a bottle. Cute!

Tiny rubber duckies… they’d get lost in a hurry in my bathtub!

Awww… a cute teeny tiny crocheted owl!

Wowsers! Now that’s some tiny knitting!

A handful of tiny pop cans. Nifty!

Check out this tiny knife and fork! Very cool!

I love it, a tiny bouquet of tiny flowers! Very nice!

Look, a miniature violin! Unbelievable!

What’s this? A tiny play station? Super fun!

Check out this tiny container of salt!

A tiny little plant in a tiny little mug. Love it!

Fairy Houses In The Wild

“Do you believe in fairies?
Say quick that you believe. If you believe, clap your hands!”

– James M. Barrie

There is a book called Fairy Houses, written and illustrated by Tracy Kane about the Fairy Houses of Monhegan Island. I thought it might be fun to go out into the woods and build small houses for wild fairies out of natural materials. You could also create one or two wonderful little structures in your own back yard for the sprites who might take refuge there overnight. or even your own back yard, and create some of these wonderful little structures for the amusement of the butterflies, birds, lizards, and, yes, any fairies that may be lingering about.

Here are some photos of the Monhegan Island houses for wild fairies:

Oh, and by the way, if you do happen upon a fairy house in disrepair, please take the time to rebuild it.

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