The Color Green

Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches.
~ Federico Garcia Lorca


Green is the color of growing grass and leaves, of emeralds, and of jade. Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, the environmental movement, Ireland, Islam, spring, hope and envy. Green is a soothing
refreshing color associated with the Heart Chakra. Green is about growing, expanding, and living – it’s no coincidence that our money is green.

Green is the color of Nature, and the keynote of our planet Earth. Man’s first environment was a garden. The green radiance is essential to our health and happiness. As the color of nature and vegetation, it has a soothing, harmonious radiation that is essential for the well-being of our nerves, and the proper functioning of the body. Green pastures and fresh air are indeed a wonderful aid in recuperation of health, and it seems in line with this that the leaves of the Tree of Life are used for healing. As a color of earthly, perceptible growing things, it represents the field of sensation, and also the victory of life over death, as in spring.  Fertility of the fields; immediate natural life.

Green helps to restore balance and equilibrium. Walking through woodland where the light is predominantly filtered through green leaves creates a sense of calm in the emotions and an expansive increased sense of connection with our surroundings.

Green is the great healer. It is neutral to the other colors and serves as a general tonic and neutralizer. When in doubt, use green. It is a calming color and has a neutral effect on the human nervous system.

Studies have shown a decrease in blood pressure, pulse rate, and breathing rate when people are exposed to green light. Green is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision.

Note: This post was compiled by Shirley Twofeathers for Color Therapy, you may repost and share without karmic repercussions, but only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Bright Blessings.

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