Cosmetic Herbs

What follows is a list of herbs that can be used in cosmetic preparations for skin care, conditioning, and cleansing.

  • Borage – leaves are softening and cleansing
  • Burdock – roots and leaves are soothing and¬†relieve inflammation
  • Chamomile – flowers are soothing, cleansing and gently astringent
  • Chervil – leaves are gently astringent
  • Coltsfoot – leaves are soothing and help to prevent thread veins
  • Comfrey – leaves and root are emollient and healing
  • Dandelion – leaves and root are tonic and cleansing
  • Elder – flowers are softening, soothing and cleansing
  • Eucalyptus – leaves are invigorating
  • Fennel – leaves are cleansing and gently astringent
  • Goosegrass – leaves are healing and deodorizing
  • Horsetail – non-fertile stems and branches are astringent, strengthen nails and close skin pores
  • Houseleek – leaves are healing and nourishing
  • Lady’s Mantle – leaves are healing, astringent and reduce inflammation
  • Lavender – antiseptic and stimulating
  • Lemon Balm – leaves are soothing and astringent
  • Lime – flowers are soothing, cleansing and bleaching
  • Lovage – leaves and root are cleansing and deodorizing
  • Marigold – leaves and flowers are healing and soothing
  • Marsh Mallow – root and leaves are emollient and healing
  • Mint – leaves are healing, stimulating, and antiseptic
  • Parsley – leaves are gently astringent and cleansing
  • Rosemary – leaves are invigorating and astringent
  • Sage – leaves are deodorizing, strongly astringent, close pores and revitalize tissues
  • Stinging Nettle – leaves, seeds and roots are cleansing, toning, improve circulation
  • Thyme – leaves are deodorizing and antiseptic
  • Witch Hazel – astringent, antiseptic
  • Yarrow – leaves and flowers are strongly astringent

Found in: The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices

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