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How To Use Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is a great oil to have on hand next to your diffuser year round. A cheerful scent with a delicious sweetness, its ability to uplift the mood is almost unparalleled. Not only will Lemon uplift the mood, but it will also purify the air in the home and in the workplace.

  • Freshen Up Blend: In your diffuser, mix Lemon oil, Lavender oil, Neroli oil and Tea Tree oil to freshen and purify the air.
  • Direct Palm Inhalation: To receive the cheerful, invigorating effects of our pure Lemon oil, inhale Lemon mixed with Lavender.
  • This is a great pick-me-up: Try it instead of reaching for a cup of tea or coffee.

Lemon Oil Precautions

Like many citrus essential oils, Lemon oil is phototoxic. This means that when an essential oil is applied topically, exposure to sunlight (UV rays to be exact) causes the skin to become hyper-sensitive and burn much more easily. It is recommended to stay out of direct sunlight for at least 12 hours after using Lemon oil on the skin.

Other Ways To Use Lemon Essential Oil

  • Massage Blend:

Use a drop or two in your massage essential oil blend and carrier oil if your intention for the healing session is invigorating and uplifting. Lemon helps to clear the way for new emotional patterns to develop. Please note safety considerations (above) before applying Lemon essential oil to skin.

  • Household Cleaner:

Add Lemon essential oil to water in a spray bottle and use as a cleanser to purify surfaces in the home and workplace. Add a drop or two to the laundry cycle for a fresh effect.

  • For Pain Relief

A natural way to reduce pain signals in the brain was found with Lemon oil aromatherapy. The study, published in 2002, was conducted on lab rats during a persistent experience of pain; the rats that inhaled the aroma of Lemon oil showed a decrease in behaviors indicative of pain.

  • Enhance Mood & Concentration

If you have ever deeply inhaled the scent of Lemon oil, you’ve probably noticed that it has a stimulating, and yet calming, influence in the mind. In an effort to better understand the relationship between smell and mood, researchers examined the psychological and physiological impact of smelling either Lemon oil, lavender oil, or plain water before and after experiencing a stressor.

Of the 56 healthy volunteers, those that smelled Lemon oil reported increased positive mood – despite having their hands plunged in ice water! The researchers also measured stress hormones and found that norepinephrine, which plays a role in cognition and learning, was maintained at elevated levels after inhaling Lemon oil.

  • Lessen Stress & Anxiety

One of the great paradoxes of Lemon oil is its ability to invigorate and relax. In addition to its anti-depressant and cognition-boosting qualities, Lemon oil aromatherapy was shown to calm the nerves and relieve stress in two separate studies.

  • Lose Weight

It may seem like a bold statement, but Lemon oil can actually help you lose weight by suppressing weight gain, dissolving body fat, and reducing appetite. This was demonstrated in a study where exposure to a blend of Lemon oil and Grapefruit oil aromatherapy increased reduced body weight in lab rats.

  • Alleviate Morning Sickness

A clinical trial from 2014 examined the effects of Lemon oil aromatherapy on pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness. Involving more than 100 participants, the study determined that inhaling Lemon oil as soon as feelings of nausea were present had the effect of drastically reducing queasiness and retching as well as an overall decrease in the intensity of those symptoms.


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Important Notice

Almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy oil, but certain individuals, such as pregnant women, persons with allergies, and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma should only use essential oils for aromatherapy under the guidance of a trained professional.

Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated botanical extracts and should never be ingested or applied to skin at full strength. Consult a professional aromatherapist or an accredited reference on aromatherapy for advice on these uses.

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