The Study is Scientific

The study of Creative Intelligence is scientific:

A. Logically explained to satisfy the mind.
B. Directly applicable.
C. Objectively verifiable.
D. Artistically actualized.
E. Can be fully unfolded and practically applied by any one.


The supreme climax of knowledge is reached when action within
boundaries remains established in unblounded awareness.

Knowledge is its own fulfillment, proof, validity.

The verifiability of the knowledge of Creative Intelligence on all
levels is what makes it supreme, scientific.

Knowledge of Creative Intelligence is gained by observation and
experience can be verified on the subjective level by anyone.

Practice of Transcendental Meditation is repeatable by anyone and
can be verified by anyone. Because it is a science, all branches of
learning can verify it.

Procedure is a universal property and belongs to everyone.

Through the Science of Creative Intelligence, the knowledge is
profound, complete, useful, and fulfilling.

Knowledge is universal because it is true for all men in all times,
because it can be verified on all levels: environment, body, senses,
mind intellect, emotions, ego, and individual being.

Knowledge derived from observation can be misleading.

Creative Intelligence can be objectively verified through
repeatable experiments.

Scientific knowledge is systematic, verifiable.

Knowledge is the basis of action.
Action is the basis of achievement.
Achievement is the basis of fulfillment.

Our knowledge of Creative Intelligence can be verified on all levels
of life.

Two aspects that make knowledge scientific:
1 - Systematic procedure
2 - Verification of knowledge gained

The physiological, sociological, and psychological changes brought
about by Transcendental Meditation are repeatable and
scientificalloy verifiable.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What attributes of knowledge make it scientific?
A: Systematic procedure - Verification on all levels - Logically
explained and objectively verified - It is correct, true,
translatable into action - Universal.

Q: What procedures for gaining knowledge are scientific?
A: Any procedure that is repeatable by anyone and will be verified
by anyone. Systematic procedure.

Q: How are these procedures applied to the Science of Creative
A: Observation of the physiological, phsychological, and
sociological changes in meditation, through constant meditation,
verified by all meditators.

Q: On what different levels of existance are the effects of the
practice found?
A: Mind - Senses - Emotions - Body - Intellect - Environment -
Individual and universal ego - Pure consciousness

Q: How is each level affected by the regular practice of
Transcendental Meditation?
A: Mind - clearer, expands to use full capacity, loses limitations,
becomes enriched. Body - healthier, more rested. Emotions - more
stability, operating on the level of fulfillment. Senses - more
acute, turn inward. Individual ego - loses limitations, becomes
enriched, identifies with universal ego. Environment - becomes
more pleasant. Intellect - more discriminating and alert. Universal
ego - expands to be able to be experienced in the boundaries of
the manifest, live the relative in terms of the absolute.

Q: What affirmation expresses knowledge of the pure field of
Creative Intelligence?
A: I am.

Q: How do knowledge and experience of the pure field of Creative
Intelligence differ?
A: Knowledge - expands and grows. Experience - unchanged.

Q: When is supreme knowledge its own proof and validity?
A: When it is verifiable, in all levels of life, by remaining
boundless and expressing itself through boundaries.

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Science of Creative Intelligence:

Table of Contents
Experience - The Practical Basis
A Vision of the Possibilities
Preparing To Learn
Knowledge Through Personal Experience
The Qualities of Creative Intelligence
The Range of Creative Intelligence
The Study Is Scientific
Creative Intelligence and Consciousness
Creative Intellignece - The Basis of Knowledge
Application To Individual Life
Science of Creative Intelligence and Society
A Vision Of The Possibilities
The Principles Which Promote The Experience
A Consideration of Other Systems
The Nature of the Mind
Science of Creative Intelligence and the Environment
The Solution To All Problems
The 4th State of Consciousness
The Seven States of Consciousness
The Means of Gaining Knowledge
Science of Creative Intelligence and Speech
The Artist and the Scientist
Interdisciplinary Studies
Horizontal And Vertical Knowledge
The Role of the Teacher
Scince of Creative Intelligence, MIU, and the Study of Intelligence
Science of Creative Intelligence as Supreme Knowledge
Fulfillment Generationn After Generation
The Science of Creative Intelligence and The Woman As The Center of the Family.

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