Creative Intelligence and Consciousness

A. The nature of pure intelligence and it's relationship with

B. The practical application of this knowledge to enrich individual

C. Interdependence of subjective and objective values:
1 - Intelligence and existence
2 - Mind and body

D. The practical application of this knowledge is in hastening the
development of Creative Intelligence.


There is a very intimate relationship between Creative Intelligence
and consciousness. Intelligence becomes Conscious in it's
preparation to play the role of Creative Intelligence.

The isness of intelligence makes intelligence consciousness.

Intelligence becomes conscious on the basis of its own existence.
When the existence of intelligence starts to prepare itself to play
in its own field, then intelligence becomes consciousness. So the
transformation of the existence of intelligence into the value of
consciousness is brought about by the nature of intelligence just
because intelligence is.

When existence becomes conscious, intelligence becomes

Everything in nature progresses. We see this, but not the cause of
this (we don't see the basic value of intelligence). Thus we
understand that the nature of Creative Intelligence is unmanifest.
This understanding is verified by us in Transcendental Meditation
when our mind spontaneously takes recourse to its own nature and
reveals its unmanifest value.

In preparation for the role of Creative Intelligence the unmanifest
value of pure intelligence in its own nature and on the basis of its
own existence becomes conscious. And when existence becomes
conscious, this makes the existence of intelligence conscious. And
when existence becomes conscious, intelligence becomes intelligent
and this intelligent aspect of the unmanifest value of pure
intelligence then assumes the role of Creative Intelligence.

The unmanifest value of pure intelligence is the basic value of
creation, progress, and evolution. Because the basic value is
intelligent, there is no reason to remain unintelligent.

When the mind becomes established in pure intelligence, which is
the be all and end all of all Creative Intelligence - then the
fullness of Creative Intelligence will be lived, and becomes an all
time reality on the level of our awareness.

The knowlege of the relationship of Creative Intelligence to
consciousness gives us a vision of the subjective and objective
gaining highest values.

Existence (body - objective) is the basis of consciousness.
Intelligence (mind - subjective) is consciousness.

Consciousness has a physiological existence. Waking, dreaming, and
sleeping all have their own unique style of functioning in the
nervous system. Transcendental consciousness also has its own
unique style of functioning in the nervous system.

The mind and body are so interrelated that if we improve one, we
improve the other. If you pull one leg of the chair the other three
automatically are brought along. Transcendental Meditation
improves the mind and thus, automatically our body improves.
Transcendental Meditation gives the body rest, which relieves
stresses - which are a block to our use of the full potential of our

Subjectivity (mind, intelligence, rest) inspire Objectivity (body,
existence, activity). Both sides are interdependent and both are
involved in Creative Intelligence.

Consciousness and intelligence are both based on the concrete
values of the body. This it is necessary to take care of the body.

We are created from the substance of Creative Intelligence
because Creative Intelligence creates with its own substance. And
because we are created out of intelligence from the substance of
intelligence, there is no reason for us not to be intelligent.

Transcendental Meditation handles the mind.
Ayurveda handles the body.

Just as when you pull one leg, the whole table will come along - as
you pull the body the mind will come along. So be careful what
environment we expose our body to, and also to what things we
expose its internal functioning to. Keep the internal and external
environments as condusive to normal functioning as possible so as
not to pull the mind along into the wrong place.

All these abstract values are based on the concrete value of the
body and how the body functions, therefore take care of the body.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What are the three main effects of intelligence becoming
A: 1 - Existence becomes conscious. 2 - Intelligence becomes
conscious. 3 - Intelligence becomes intelligent.

Q: What is unmanifest Creative Intelligence?
A: Pure intelligence.

Q: From what does intelligence create?
A: From its own nature.

Q: Why is there no reason for anyone to remain unintelligent?
A: Because the basic value of everything is intelligence.

Q: How can we become more intelligent and live the full value of
A: By contact with that pure field of Creative Intelligence
through Transcendental Meditation twice daily.

Q: What are the objective and subjective phases oflife in us?
A: Mind - subjective. Body - objective.

Q: What is the range of the interdependence of the objective and
subjective phases of existence?
A: From when intelligence becomes consciousness, Mind to body.

Q: How do we know that subjectivity inspires objectivity?
A: Because it is from the subjectivity of consciousness that the
objectivity of intelligence springs. From deep rest springs dynamic

Q: When does our experience show that subjectivity inspires
A: After we meditate (rest), action is more dynamic.

Q: Why is it important to take care of the body?
A: Because mind and body are so interrelated.

Q What rules for developing the maximum use of Creative
Intelligence does the knowledge of the intimate relationship of
mind and body give us?
A: Take care of the body and the mind both.

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