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Welcome to the Winter 1986 issue of The Independent Review

Poetry and Short Story Contest Winners:

1st Place: Vigil by David C. Hughes
2nd Place: Slumdog by Tyrone Jones
3rd Place: In Tampa by Gina Bergamino-Frey

Short Stories
1st Place: Quadriplegic by Don C Carter
2nd Place: The Artist In The Tree by Don R. Conner
3rd Place: Socks by Peter Gillespie
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The Independent Review Winter Issue 1986
Table of Contents
1970 Remembers Naples ..Richard L Taylor Jr
Advent .. Phil Eisenberg
All Souls Passing By .. Patricia A Lawrence
And Then He Walked In .. Sandy Macebuh
Ballet Night .. Christine Christian
Birth Of Our Nation .. Lauren M McCormick
Celibacy: The Weak Link .. Eric Crump
Children's Games .. Miss Tobie Gardner
Dakota Rising .. Joan Schernitz
Empty Words .. Shari Hagen
Enchanted For Life .. John W Jolley Jr
Excitement Is The City .. Winnie E Fitzpatrick
Flood .. Bob Casper
Her Last Lover .. Meryl Johnson Taylor
Higher Education .. Doris Ullman Barbuto
I Am Last .. Jackie Griffin
I Am Worth More .. Rosalee Mears
I Sent It Today .. SRGJ
Identical Twins .. Marilyn Galvin
In Tampa .. Gina Bergamino-Frey
Irmgard .. Barbara J Griffith
Late In August .. Randy Phillis

Madonna Of A Lesser Church .. Wilhelm H Rohrs
Meditation .. Pauline Carl Prince
Melva Jean .. Homer Sanders Ling
Miracle .. T D Cooper
My Favorite Vegetable .. Barbara Leeds
My Huntin' Dog .. Lyndia Glover
Name No Warship After Me .. Rocky Hutson
New Born Colt .. Mavis Gannello
Nocturne .. Linda Herring
Off Work At Five .. Fendley Smith
Old Age .. Theresa McCabe
Outlaw Lovers .. Rod P Dixon
Piano Peace .. C Scott Burns
Poor Pa .. Shirley Gibson
Quadriplegic .. John C Carter
Renee's Rooms .. J Norton
St. Louis Airport .. Verna Lee Hinegardner
Slumdog .. Tyrone Jones
Socks .. Peter Gillespie
Someone To Care .. Gerri Holden
Stories .. Susan Marie
Storm Cloud .. Lily Principe
Teala, My Kitten .. Sky Janner
The Artist In The Tree .. Don R Conner
The Brightest Soul ..  William Ely
The Dancer .. Lara Kusnetzky
The Drone Bee .. Kaylene Larson
The Essence of Poetry .. Sochaeta Un
The Firstborn .. Kenneth G. Geisert
The Flag Unfurls .. R Larry Ickes
The Life Is Mine .. Senna Heyatawin
The Unknowns .. Gary W Fort
Time Enough .. Billie Marsh
Trapped .. June Drao
Vigil .. David C Hughes
When I think Of You .. Sally J Lupton

All poetry and fiction printed herein remain the property of their respective authors. No part of this ezine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, except as may be expressly permitted by the Copyright Act or in writing by the author.
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