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The Independent Review 1986 Winter Issue -page 4

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Empty Words

Looking into your eyes,
I can see that you are hiding,
somewhere, behind them.
Don't talk about what matters to me.
We'll continue with our
meaningless conversations.
Talking forever, but never seeing,
we don't even attempt to look beyond;
never hearing, not listening to the heart
that is crying silently
behind the empty words
of empty people
in an empty world.

By Shari Hagen
I am worth more than late night visits at 2 am
when no one else can see.
I am worth more than half acknowledged glances
in crowded halls
so no one else can know.
I am worth more than being together
when the mood hist you but not me.

I have spent nights so alone
and in the quiet of those evenings
have felt less lonely than in moments spent with you
when words wanting to be heard were never spoken.

I, in moments caught unaware,
have been over whelmed by these feelings felt
but have turned away,
blinded by a love felt so strong
that it couldn't face the reality of you.

By Rosalee Mears
Time Enough

This is enough,
this time of steady burning
when the erratic blaze,
consuming flame of youth
has tempered
to even heat of hearthside.

This is enough
this time we share
of candle gleam
and lamplight's glow,
this sweet time
before the fires
are banked and die
to ashes of old desires.

By Billie Marsh
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Her Last Lover

She reached for him.
He glared at her.
Saying nothing, he was on his feet
and half way down the beach
before she turned around.
Torn between relief and agony,
she watched his leaving.
Slowly, waves nibbled away at his footprints
in the sand.
Softly, shadows devoured his hastening form.
She followed
waist deep in the soothing water.
Each ripple seemed to caress and comfort.
Tender breezes kissed her face
as warm water brushed the tears from her eyes.
She surrendered to the sweet seduction of the night
and rests in the arms of her last lover.

By Meryl Johnson Taylor