Pagan Calendar of Days - 2013

This is a quick and extensive listing of pagan, wiccan, roman, magical, and other holidays for January 2013 through December 2013. The dates of the new and full moons are also listed. As you can see there is a reason to celebrate just about any day of the year. Some of the more obscure holidays have short explanations.  An A to Z listing is also included if you are looking for something specific.

This is a brand new site and it will take some time to get all this content uploaded. So, please be patient. When it is complete, each holiday will be linked to a page that tells all about it.

Note: some of the holidays are different depending on which side of the equator you are on. Also the dates of some festivals and feast days vary from year to year.
January 2013
1: New Year's Day
1 - 3: Kalends of January
2: Advent of Isis
3: Festival of Pax the Roman goddess of peace.
3: Snow Day
4: Evergreen Day
5: Festival of Lares Compitales - Roman guardian deities of crossroads.
5: Twelfth Night
6: Epiphany
6: Festival of Kore
7: Feast of Sekhmet, the Egyptian New Year's Day.
7: Distaff Day
8: It's Midwives' Day
9: The Agonium, festival of Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors,
beginnings and endings.
10: Plough Monday
11: New Moon
11 and 15: The Carmentalia, festival of Carmenta, the Roman goddess of
16: Festival of Concordia, the Roman goddess of harmonious relations
17: Good Luck Day, the festival of Felicitas, the Roman goddess of good
19: Blessing of the Waters
21: Sun enters Aquarius
24: Feriae Sementivae - blessing the seeds
24: Gold Rush Day
25: Up Helly Aa - Scottish Viking celebration
25: St Paul's Day
26: Full moon - Wolf Moon
30 - Feb. 2: Roman celebration of Februalia
31: Disfest/Disablot
31: Hecate's Feast

February 2013
1: Festival of Brigit, the Celtic goddess of healing, fertility, and
patroness of smiths.
2: Imbolc - the Celtic festival marking the period of lactation of the
2: Lammas or Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere)
2: Candlemas
3: Setsubun, celebration - Japan
4: Disting - The Charming of the Plow
4: King Frost Day
5: St Agatha's Day
5 thru 17: Fornacalia - The Day of the Ovens
6: The Aphrodesia, feast day of the goddess Aphrodite
7: Day of Selene
8: Festival for the Broken Needles
10: New Moon
10: Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake begins) dates vary from year to
12: Festival of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt
13-21: The Parentalis - festival to honor the spirits of the ancestors.
14: Valentine's Day
15: Lupercalia - the festival of Lupercus, the Roman god of flocks and
17: Festival of Quirinus, god of war, storms and thunder.
21: Feralia - an ancient Roman Day of the Dead
21: Sun enters Pisces
22: Caristia - Roman holiday of family reunions
23: Festival of Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries and border
24: Flight of the King - Regifugium
25: Full moon -- Quickening Moon
28: The epic poem, Kalevala, is celebrated by the Finns with parades and
readings from the poem.

March 2013
1: Matronalia, the Festival of Women
1: New Year's Day in the old Roman calendar.
1: Saint David's Day
1: Mother March
2: Holy Wells Day, the day of Ceadda, the Celtic goddess of healing
springs and holy wells.
4: The Anestheria - Greek festival of flowers
4: Feast of Rhiannon (Welsh)
8: Pancake Day
8: Birthday of Mother Earth (Chinese)
10: Mothering Sunday - 4th Sunday in Lent
10: The Daedala
11: New Moon
11: Hercules' Day (Greek)
11: Russian Butter Festival (date varies year to year)
12: Marduk's Feast Day
13: Purification Feast (Balinese)
14: Feriae Marti - Festival of Mars
14: The Diasia to ward off poverty - Greece.
15  Ides of March (Roman)
16: Whale Festival
16 - 17 : Bacchanalia - The festival of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine
17: Liberalia, the festival of Liber and Libera, a Roman fertility god and
17: St Patrick's Day
17: Damballah's Day
19: Ides of March
19: Festival of Anna Perenna, the Roman goddess of the circle of the
19: Day of Aganyu (Santeria)
19 - 23: The Mivervalia and Quinquatria, main festivals of Minerva, the
Roman goddess of war, wisdom arts and trades.
20: Ostara - the  Vernal Equinox
20: Festival of Isis
20: Mabon (Southern Hemisphere)
21: Tea and Tephi Day (Irish)
21: Festival of Salii
21: Sun enters Aries
22: Hilaria
23: Summer Finding (Norse)
23: The Tubilustrium (also celebrated May 23)
26: Plowing Day (Slavic)
27: Full moon Crow Moon
27: Ascent Of The Christ Of The Gypsies - Holy Wednesday
28:  Birthday of Kwan Yin
29: The Delphinia, or Artemis Soteira, of Artemis in Greece
29: Good Friday
29: Expulsion of the Demons of Bad Luck
29: Festival of Ishtar
30: The Festival of Salus, the Roman goddess of public safety and
30: Day of Bau (Babylonian)
31: Easter Sunday
31: Festival of Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon.

April 2013
1: Dyngus Day - Easter Monday (date varies)
1: Egg Rolling Day (England) - Easter Monday (date varies)
1: April Fool's Day / Loki's Day
1: The Veneralia, the festival of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and
3: Passover begins at sundown (date varies)
4: Ching Ming - Tomb Sweeping Day (China) - sometimes falls on April 5
4 - 10: Megalesia - Celebrates the accuracy of the Sibylline oracles
5: Lady Luck Day, the festival Fortuna, the goddess of good fortune
6: National Tartan Day
8: Hana-Matsuri - Japanese Flower Festival to honor the Buddha's
8: Geranium Day - England
9: A-ma Festival - Portugal and China
10: New Moon
12: Chhau Festival - India
12 - 19: Ludi Cereales
13: Songkran - Thailand
15: Fordicia, the festival of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess
16: The feast day of St. Bernadette.
19: Festival of Ceres, a Roman corn goddess.
20: Furukawa Matsuri - Japan
21: Palilia (Parilia), the festival of Pales, the Roman goddess of sheperds
and flocks. This is also the legendary founding date of Rome.
21: Sun enters Taurus
22: Festival of Ishtar
22: Earth Day
23: St George's Day
24: Peppercorn Ceremony - Bermuda (date varies year to year)
25: Full moon -- Wind Moon - Lunar Eclipse (partial)
25: The Robigalia, the festival of Robigus, a Roman corn god.
28 - May 1 The Floralia, the festival of Flora, Roman goddess of
fruitfulness and flowers.
29: Tako-Age - Japan - Kite Flying Day
30: May Day Eve - Walpurgisnacht
30: Beltane

May 2013
1: Beltane - Mayday
1: Festival of Belenus, the Celtic god of fire and the sun.
1: Samhain (Southern Hemisphere)
1: Bona Dea
5: Humane Day - United States - 1st Sunday in May
5: Cinco de Mayo
6: Durdevan - Feast of St. George
8: The festival of Mens, the Roman goddess of mind and consciousness.
8: The Furry Dance
9: New Moon
9, 11, 13: Roman festival - Feast of the Lemures  - in honor of the
Lemures, the spirits of dead family members who wander the earth on
these three spring nights.
10: Solar Eclipse
12: Mother's Day
13: Hawthorn Moon begins - 6th month of the Celtic Calendar
13: Festival of Cats
15: Festival of Mercury, the Roman god of merchants and travellers.
20: Sun enters Gemini
23: The Tubilustrium
24: The Thargalia
25: Full moon -- Hare's Moon - Lunar Eclipse
25: Festival of the Holy Marys - Gypsy festival and pilgrimage
27: Frigga Blot
30: Memorial Day - Einherjar Day
31: Flores de Mayo

June 2013
1: The festival of Carna, the Roman goddess of bodily organs.
2: Festival of Juno
3: The festival of Bellona the Roman goddess of war.
3: Pharmakos
4: The Rosalia
8: New Moon
9: Festival of Vesta, the Roman goddess of the hearth.
10: Oak Moon begins - 7th month of the Celtic calendar
11: Festival of Mater Matuta, old Italian goddess of the dawn.
12: Zeus' Day
14: Birthday of the Muse
14: Vidar's Day
16: Night of a Teardrop
16: Father's Day
17: Ludi Piscatari
21: Summer Solstice - Litha
21: Yule (Southern Hemisphere)
21: Sun enters Cancer
23:  Full moon - Honey Moon
23: Day of Bad Omens
23: Rousalii
24: The festival of Fata, the Roman goddesses of fate and chance.
24: Saint John's Day - Feast of the Dews
24: Sânziene - A Romanian Midsummer Festival
29: Feoh - First day of the Rune Cycle

July 2013
2: Feast of Expectant Mothers
3 thru Aug 11: Dog Days of Summer
3: Festival of Cerridwen
4: Independence Day
5: Poplifugia
7: Festival of the Handmaidens - Nonae Caprotinae ("the nones of the
wild fig")
7: Tanabata
7: Rumilia Festival
8: New Moon
8: Holly Moon begins - 8th month of the Celtic Calendar
9: Day of Unn the Wise Person
10: Day of Hel
10: Festival of Knut the Reaper
10: Lady Godiva Day
11: Naadam Festival
13: O-Bon Festival - welcoming the spirits of the dead
14: Uruz - The second rune cycle begins
15: St. Swithin's Day
15: Day of Rauni
16: Feast of Our Lady of Carmel
17: Festival of Amaterasu - Shinto Sun Goddess
17: The Maidens Fair on Hen Mountain
18: Day of Bad Omens
19: Feast of Kuan Yin
19: Lucaria
20: Moon Day
21: Sun enters Leo
22: Full moon - Buck Moon
22: Feast of Mary Magdalene
23: Neptunalia - the festival of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea.
23: Sign of the Sunflower Begins
23: Saint Anne's Eve
25: Furinalia
27 - 31: The Five Epagomenal Days
27: Birthday of Osiris
28: Birthday of Horus
29: Birthday of Set
30: Birthday of Isis
31: Birthday of Nephthys

August 2013
1: Lammas or Lughnasadh
1: Festival of Lugh, the Celtic hero god.
1: Imbolc (Southern Hemisphere)
4: Festival of the Tooth
5: Hazel Moon begins - 9th moon of the Celtic Calendar
6: New Moon
6: Festival of Thoth
7: Blessing of the Sea
9: Festival of Sol Indigis, the Roman sun god.
12: Blessing of the Boats
13: The Vertumnalia, the festival of Vertumnus, the Roman god of
seasons, gardens and orchards.
13: Day of Hecate
15: Festival of Torches - Nemoralia
15: Herbal Holy Day
17: The Portunalia, the festival of Portunes, the Roman god of gates,
doors and harbours.
19: The Vinalia Rustica
20: Full Moon -- Corn Moon
21: Festival of Consus, the Roman god of good council.
21: Sun enters Virgo
22: Sign of the Morning Glory begins
23: Freyfaxi
23: The Volcanalia, the festival of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.
25: The Opiconsivia, the harvest festival of Ops, the Roman goddess of
27: Volturnalia

September 2013
2: The Sign of the Vine begins - 10th moon of the Celtic Calendar
5: New Moon
5: Labor Day
9: Double Ninth Day
9: Chrysanthemum Day
13: Friday the 13th
19: Full Moon --Harvest Moon
19: Chinese Moon Festival -The Festival of Chang O, on the full moon
nearest the autumnal equinox, the Chinese people pay homage to the moon
goddess Chang O. Some Chinese celebrate this day as the moon's
19: The Fast of Thoth, this day-long fast honors the Egyptian god of
wisdom and magic.
21: International Day of Peace
21: The feast of the Divine Life, this ancient Egyptian feast honored the
great goddess in her three-fold aspect as mother (creator), daughter
(renewer), and dark mother (the absolute).
21: Sun enters Libra
23: Fall Equinox or Mabon
23: Michaelmas
23: Ostara (Southern Hemisphere)

October 2013
1: Festival of Fides, the Roman goddess of good faith, honesty and oaths.
3: The festival of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry, also
known as Bacchus to the Romans.
4: New Moon
4: Feast of Ceres
6: Day of Bad Omens
9: The festival of Felicitas, the Roman goddess of good luck and joy.
11: Winter Nights - Sacred to Freya
11: The Meditrinalia, the festival of Meditrina, the Roman goddess of
12: The festival of Fortuna Redux, the Roman goddess of successful
journeys and safe returns from those journeys.
13: The festival of Fontus, the Roman god of springs.
18: Full moon -- Blood Moon - Lunar Eclipse
19: The Armilustrium, the second festival of Mars, the Roman god of war.
On this day, military arms were ritually purified and put in storage for
21: Sun enters Scorpio
31: Halloween
Oct 31 - Nov 1 Samhain, the Celtic festival marking the beginning of the
winter and the Celtic New Year. Also the rebirth of Caileach Beara, the
Celtic goddess who turned to stone on May 1 (Beltane).

November 2013
1: Samhain
1: Beltane (Southern Hemisphere)
1: Day of the Dead
1: Pomona's Day
1: La Mas Ubhal - Day of the Apple Fruit
2: Festival of Woden
3: New Moon - Solar Eclipse
5: Bonfire Night
11: Veteran's Day - Hero's Day
11: Lunantishees Day - Celtic Faery Day
11: Martinmas
13: Epulum Jovis
15: Feronia Festival
16: Night of Hekate
17: Full moon -- Mourning Moon
21: Sun enters Sagittarius
24: Brumalia
24: The feast of Baba Yaga. On the full moon of November, the supreme
crone goddess of old Russia is honored with a feast day. Once honored
as an important old goddess, she is now often portrayed as a wicked old
24: Stir Up Sunday
27: Feast of Ullr
28: Thanksgiving day (United States)
30: Festival of Hecate Trivia (The night of the crossroads.)

December 2013
1: The festival of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Poseidon is also the
god of rebirth.
2: New Moon
4: Bona Dea, a Roman fertility goddess
5: Faunalia
9;: The festival of Ops, the Roman goddess of harvest.
11: Agonalia
13: Friday the 13th
13: The Sementivae, the second festival of Tellus, the Roman earth
15: The second festival of Consus, the Roman god of good council.
17: Full moon - Long Nights Moon
17: Beginning of Saturnalia - festival of Saturn, the Roman god of
agriculture. The most popular Roman festival, for on this day the roles of
master and slave were reverted.
18: Eponalia
20: Mother Night
21: Winter Solstice
21: Yule
21: Divalia - Angeronalia, festival of Angerona, the Roman goddess of
22: Litha (Southern Hemisphere)
22: Sun enters Capricorn
23: The Larentalia (Larentinalia), festival of Acca Larentia the Roman
goddess who gave the early Romans their land.
24: Christmas Eve
25: Christmas Day
25: The birthday of Mithra, the Persian god of light and wisdom.
25: Festival of the Invincible Sun God
25: Feast of Frau Halle, Germanic goddess
26: Boxing Day
31: New Year's Eve
31: Festival of Hogmanay
31: Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony
Pagan Calendar of Days
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A-ma Festival
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Big Winter Moon

Birthday of Horus
Birthday of Isis
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Birthday of Mithra
Birthday of Mother Earth
Birthday of the Muse
Birthday of Nephthys
Birthday of Osiris
Birthday of Set

Blessing of the Boats
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Blessing of the Waters
Blood Moon
Bona Dea
Bonfire Night
Boxing Day
Buck Moon


Celtic Faery Day
Charming of the Plow
Chhau Festival
Chinese Moon Festival
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Chrysanthemum Day
Cinco de Mayo
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Damballa's Day
Day of Aganyu
Day of Bad Omens
Day of Bau
Day of the Dead
Day of Hecate
Day of Hel
Day of the Ovens
Day of Rauni
Day of Selene
Day of Unn
Distaff Day
Dog Days of Summer
Double Ninth Day
Dyngus Day


Earth Day
Easter Sunday
Egg Rolling Day
Einherjar Day
Elder Tree Month
Epulum Jovis
Evergreen Day
Expulsion of the Demons of Bad Luck

Fall Equinox
Fast of Thoth
Father's Day

Feast of Baba Yaga
Feast of Ceres
Feast of the Dews
Feast of the Divine Life
Feast of the Einherjar
Feast of Expectant Mothers
Feast of Frau Holle
Feast of the Lemures
Feast of Our Lady of Carmel
Feast of Mary Magdalene
Feast of Rhiannon
Feast of Sekhmet
Feast of St. George
Feast of Ullr

Feriae Marti
Feriae Sementivae

Feronia Festival
Festival of Acca Larentia
Festival of Angerona
Festival for the Broken Needles
Festival of Amaterasu
Festival of Anna Perenna
Festival of Artemis
Festival of Bacchus
Festival of Belenus
Festival of Bellona
Festival of Brigit
Festival of Carmenta
Festival of Carna
Festival of Cats
Festival of Ceres
Festival of Cerridwen
Festival of Chang O
Festival of Concordia
Festival of Consus
Festival of Dionysus
Festival of Fata
Festival of Felicitas
Festival of Fides
Festival of Flora
Festival of Fontus
Festival of Fortuna
Festival of Fortuna Redux
Festival of the Handmaidens
Festival of Hekate
Festival of Hecate Trivia
Festival of Hogmanay
Festival of the Holy Marys
Festival of the Invincible Sun
Festival of Ishtar
Festival of Isis
Festival of Juno
Festival of Knut the Reaper
Festival of Kore
Feast of Kuan Yin
Festival of Lares Compitales
Festival of Lugh
Festival of Luna
Festival of Mars
Festival of Mater Matuta
Festival of Meditrina
Festival of Mens
Festival of Mercury
Festival of Neptune
Festival of Ops
Festival of Pales
Festival of Pax
Festival of Portunes
Festival of Poseidon
Festival of Quirinus
Festival of Robigus
Festival of Salii
Festival of Salus
Festival of Saturn
Festival of Sol Indigis
Festival of Tellus
Festival of Terminus
Festival of Thoth
Festival of the Tooth
Festival of Torches
Festival of Vertumnus
Festival of Vesta
festival of Vulcan
Festival of Woden
Festival of Women

Five Epagomenal Days
Flight of the King
Flores de Mayo
Friday the 13th
Frigga Blot
Furukawa Matsuri
Furry Dance

Geranium Day
Gold Rush Day
Good Friday
Good Luck Day

Hare's Moon
Harvest Moon
Hawthorn Moon
Hazel Moon
Hekate's Feast
Herbal Holy Day
Hercule's Day
Hero's Day
Holly Moon
Holy Wednesday
Holy Wells Day
Honey Moon
Humane Day

Ides of March
Independence Day
International Day of Peace

Japanese Flower Festival

Kalends of January
Kalevala Day
King Frost Day
Kite Flying Day

Labor Day
Lady Godiva Day
Lady Luck Day
Loki's Day
Long Nights Moon
Ludi Cereales
Ludi Piscatari
Lunantishees Day

Maidens Fair on Hen Mountain
Marduk's Feast Day
May Day Eve
Memorial Day
Midwives Day
Moon Day
Mother March
Mother Night
Mother's Day
Mothering Sunday
Mourning Moon

Naadam Festival
National Tartan Day
New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Night of Hekate
Night of a Teardrop
Nones of the Wild Fig
Nonae Caprotinae

Oak Moon
O-Bon Festival

Pamona's Day
Pancake Day
Passover Begins
Peppercorn Ceremony
Plough Monday
Plowing Day
Pomona's Day
Purification Feast

Quickening Moon

Rumilia Festival
Russian Butter Festival

Sign of the Morning Glory
Sign of the Sunflower
Sign of the Vine
Snow Day
Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony

Saint Days
St Agatha's Day
St Andrew's Day
St Anne's Eve
St Bernadette's Feast Day
St David's Day
St George's Day
St John's Day
St Patrick's Day
St Paul's Day
St. Swithin's Day

Stir Up Sunday
Summer Finding
Summer Solstice

Sun Signs
Sun Enters Aquarius
Sun Enters Aries
Sun enters Cancer
Sun Enters Capricorn
Sun enters Gemini
Sun enters Libra
Sun enters Leo
Sun Enters Pisces
Sun Enters Sagittarius
Sun enters Scorpio
Sun Enters Taurus
Sun enters Virgo

Tea and Tephi Day
Thanksgiving Day
Tomb Sweeping Day
Twelfth Night

Up Helly Aa

Valentine's Day
Vernal Equinox
Veteran's Day
Vidar's Day
Vinalia Rustica


Whale Festival
Wind Moon
Winter Nights
Winter Solstice
Wolf Moon

Zeus' Day
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