A Vision of the Possibilities

A vision of the possibilities through the practice of the Science of
Creative Intelligence.

Main Points:

A. The unfoldment of the full potential of mind, body, behavior
and environment.

B. The seven objectives of the Science of Creative Intelligence.

1 - To develop the full potential of the individual.
2 - To improve governmental achievements.
3 - To realize the highest ideal of education.
4 - To solve the problems of crime, drug abuse, and all
behavior that brings unhappiness to the family of man.
5 - To maximize the intelligent use of the environment.
6 - To bring fulfillment to the economic aspirations of the
individual and society.
7 -  To achieve the spiritual goals of mankind in this

C. The world plan and fulfillment generagion after generation.

Short Summary:

1. During Transcendental Meditation, mental and physical activity
simultaneously become refined and the system gains deep rest.

2. As a result of this deep rest, stresses are released and the
causes of all psychosomatic diseases are thereby eliminated.

3. This deep rest is beneficial for the unfoldment of the full
potential of the body. It normalizes the functioning of the nervous
system and thereby develops mental awareness.

4. Transcendental Meditation opens our awareness to the pure field
of energy and intelligence.

5. Thought is an impulse of energy and intelligence. Due to energy it
moves and due to intelligence it takes a direction.

6. The source of thought from where innumerable thoughts arise
must necessarily be an inexhaustable reservoir of energy and

7. Scientific experiments show that the increased value of energy
and intelligence which the mind gains through Transcendental
Meditation makes the jmind more clear, more alert, resulting in more
efficient and rewarding action, and better behavior towards

8. Good social behavior is the basis of harmony in society and peace
in the world.

9. Every individual has to practice Transcendental Meditation so
that full potential can be developed on all levels of life.

10. Now, in this generation, the problem of world peace can be
solved on the level of the unit of world peace:

Individual peace which is spontaneously developed through the
Science of Creative Intelligence is the unit of world peace.

11. The possibility of unfolding full potential on all levels of life
has been summed up in the seven objectives of the Science of
Creative Intelligence.

12. To accomplish these objectives, teacher training centers are
being established to train one teacher of the Science of Creative
Intelligence for every 1,000 people.

13. This practical possibility will establish the full potential of
human existance, pure awareness on the level of the mind, a healthy
body, and a fulfilled society in a peaceful world.

14. There are seven steps of learing Transcendental Meditation -
the practical aspect of the Science of Creative Intelligence:

1 - First lecture
2 - Second lecture
3 - Personal talk with initiator
4 - Personal instruction
5, 6, 7 - Three days of checking and more instruction.

15. In these seven steps of learning, one gains enough experience,
and understanding to feel that the unfoldment of Creative
Intelligence is a natural process.

16. It is only necessary to allow this natural process to happen to
the body and mind so that the vision of possibilities offered
through the practice of the Science of Creative Intelligence will
become a living reality in our daily life.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What are the two basic steps of progress in our lives and in
A: Rest and activity.

Q: How can every individual's full potential be unfolded?
A: Transcendental Meditation twice daily.

Q: What is the immediate effect of gaining deep rest through
Transcendental Meditation?
A: Release of stress

Q: What are the two qualities of a thought impulse?
A: Energy and Intelligence

Q: What are the two ways in which the effects of Transcendental
Meditation are verified?
A: Scientific experiments, and the personal experience of it.

Q: What are the behavioral effects of clear thoughts brought about
by Transcendental Meditation?
A: Reduced nervousness, aggression, depression, and irritability.
Increased sociability and self assuredness. Decreased tendency to
dominate, inhibition, and self-criticism. Increased outgoingness,
emotional stability, staying power, and efficiency.

Q: How will the practice of Transcendental Meditation bring about
world peace?
A: Individuals make up the whole world, and as each individual
gains peace through Transcendental Meditation, the world will also
gain a measure of peace.

Q: What are the seven areas of action or organization included in
the goals of the Science of Creative Intelligence
A: Individual, governmental, economic, environmental, social,
spiritual, and educational.

Q: What is necessary to reach these objectives in this generation?
A: Enough people need to begin meditating. So, we need to have
one teacher training center for every 1000 people in all parts of
the world.

Q: Explain briefly what contributions an individual can make to
world peace.
A: Begin meditating. Bring friends in to start meditating. Become a
teacher and teach the practical and theoretical aspects of the
Science of Creative Intelligence to as many people as are
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The Science of Creative Intelligence:

Table of Contents
Experience - The Practical Basis
A Vision of the Possibilities
Preparing To Learn
Knowledge Through Personal Experience
The Qualities of Creative Intelligence
The Range of Creative Intelligence
The Study Is Scientific
Creative Intelligence and Consciousness
Creative Intellignece - The Basis of Knowledge
Application To Individual Life
Science of Creative Intelligence and Society
A Vision Of The Possibilities
The Principles Which Promote The Experience
A Consideration of Other Systems
The Nature of the Mind
Science of Creative Intelligence and the Environment
The Solution To All Problems
The 4th State of Consciousness
The Seven States of Consciousness
The Means of Gaining Knowledge
Science of Creative Intelligence and Speech
The Artist and the Scientist
Interdisciplinary Studies
Horizontal And Vertical Knowledge
The Role of the Teacher
Scince of Creative Intelligence, MIU, and the Study of Intelligence
Science of Creative Intelligence as Supreme Knowledge
Fulfillment Generationn After Generation
The Science of Creative Intelligence and The Woman As The Center of the Family.

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