Preparing To Learn

Preparing to learn the practice of the Science of Creative
Intelligence and Transcendental Meditation.

Main Points:

A. Today's knowledge is preparation for tomorrow's practice.

B. Nature of the practice.

1 - Effortless
2 - Natural
3 - Easy
4 - Spontaneous use of the progressive nature of the mind.

C. Two things to learn.

1 - The mantra - suitable sound having life supporting effects
2 - The Technique to use the mantra to refine thinking and
experience pure awareness.

D. The tradition from which the teaching comes

E. Effectiveness of the practice depends on the purity of the

F. The need for verification and validation (by the teacher) of
experiences during meditation and it's effects in daily life.

G. The correctness, mechanics, and goal of the practice on the basis
of personal experience - three days.


1. In the second step of learning the practice of Transcendantal
Meditation, we will consider the knowledge which will prepare us to
begin the practice.

2. Transcendental Meditation is the technique for experiencing the
source of thought, the pure field of Creative Intelligence, in a
systematic effortless manner. Very spontaniously mental activity
becomes refined and the mind settles down to a state of no activity.

3. The settling down of mental activity to a state of no activity is a
spontaneous process because the ability to rest is inherent in the
ability to act.

4. The natural tendency of the mind to move in the direction of
more and more brings it spontaneously to a state of pur unbounded
awareness. This is a state of pure happiness.

5. In the state of unbounded awareness both the body and mind
gain a state of restful alertness, as scientific research has shown.

6. In this state of restful alertness the mind is ready to plunge into
activity with its full potential.

7. Transcendental Meditation is a technique for dynamic and
successful action.

8. The natural effortless process of Transcendental Meditation is
different from either concentration or contemplation. Concentration
involves effort and contemplation is concerned with the meaning of
the thought, both keep the mind on the horizontal level of thinking.

9. In Transcendental Meditation, the mind, thinking a special sound
or mantra, is free from the grip of meaning and is allowed to move
in the vertical direction, propelled by its natural tendency to move
in the direction of more and more.

10. Transcendental Meditation systematically allows the mind to
experience reduced states of sound until the most refined level of
thinking is reached and transcended, and the mind reaches the state
of pure awareness.

11. When we learn Transcendental Meditation, we learn two things:
the sound or mantra and the technique of refining perception of the

12. The sound that is selected for the practice is a special one, for
every individual. It produces life supporting effects on all levels of

13. The knowledge of these sounds and their suitability for each
individual comes from the age old tradition of the vedic masters.

14. When a thought is refined it becomes more powerful, so it is
very important that a suitable sound is chosen.

15. Every teacher of Transcendental Meditation is trained to give
this traditional knowledge in its purity so that it remains most

16. The teacher gives the knowledge in the name of the tradition of
masters, and for this reason he performs a two minute ceremony of
thanksgiving at the time of personal instruction.

17. It is vital to verify and validate personal experience during the
three days of checking following personal instruction.

1st day - Correctness of the practice
2nd day - How stress is released
3rd day - how consciousness evolves through regular practice
of Transcendental Meditation

18. And well begun is half done!

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Science of Creative Intelligence:

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