Range of Creative Intelligence

The range of Creative Intelligence is:

A. From smaller than the smallest to larger than the largest.

B. From the unmanifest through all manifestation to the unmanifest,
unbounded, infinite, eternal.

* From here to here.
* From I to I
* From seed to seed
* From fullness to fullness


From individual life to universal life. From unmanifest to manifest
value to manifest in the unmanifest - perpetual rest in all activity -
this is Creative Intelligence. From the highest value of rest through
the highest value of activity to rest and activity together at their
highest value.

From unmanifest to manifest with all manifestations.
From here to here passing through there which is also here!

From the I of the undeveloped state, of deepest sleep and most
inertia to the most highly evolved I, the I of most rest combined
with most activity. It is the same I.

From the I of the wave to the I of the ocean.

The seed finds fulfillment in growing into a tree. The tree finds
fulfillment in the growth of a seed. So, from seed to seed is the
fullest... From the fullness of unboundedness to the fullness of

The range of Creative Intelligence is from the life of the individual
to the universe; from energy particles to galaxies.

More creative qualities grow in our awareness and nature.

We experience both the manifest and the unmanifest in meditation.

Calmness in activity is a state of fulfillment which develops from

Here to here. It is only a matter of passing through there, which is
also here.

From the universal ego to the individual ego.

From unbounded fullness to bounded fullness.

Gives us a vision of the possibilities: The wisdom of unity in the
whole of diversity.

It is a challenge to live both fullnesses. It inspires us to practically
apply this knowledge.

The range of Creative Intelligence is within us. What do we do? We
remain where we are with our awareness firmly based in pure
consciousness. This is a natural ability.

Stress blocks normal functioning.

In Cosmic Consciousness there is no stress, we are firmly based in

This knowledge is now lopen to all.

There are four aspects of life:
1 - Mind
2 - Body
3 - Environment
4 - Pure consciousness.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What experiences dring and as a result of Transcendental
Meditation indicate the range of Creative Intelligence?
A: During - the mind goes from the manifest to the unmanifest,
from the bounded to the boundless, from thoughts to no thought.
After - We begin to experience the universal ego and the
individual ego simultaneously. Peace in the midst of chaos.

Q: From the observation of creation, what do we learn about the
essential nature of Creative Intelligence and it's expression?
A: The tree is in the seed. It is inherent in all things, and all
things are the manifestation of it.

Q: From these two different modes of experience, what do we
conclude is the range of Creative Intelligence?
A: From the absolute to the relative.

Q: What experience indicates that transcendental consciousness is
a state of fulfillment?
A: Because when we come out of it we want to go there again.

Q: What is added in this state of ultimate fulfillment?
A: Activity.

Q: In this context what is therefore the range of Creative
A: From the restful alertness to dynamic activity.

Q: With respect to individual consciousness, what is the range of
Creative Intelligence?
A: I to I

Q: What is the range of Creative Intelligence in the growth of a
A: From seed to seed.

Q: What substantial inspiration for living do we derive from this
knowledge of the range?
A: The human nervous system has the natural ability to live the
full range of Creative Intelligence.

Q: Where is the center of Creative Intelligence located in
individual life and cosmic life?
A: The source of thought - everywhere.

Q: What is it that prevents us from living fulfillment?
A: Stress

Q: Describe the state of Cosmic Consciousness.
A: When both fullnesses of life - the bounded and the boundless;
when both I's - the individual and the universal; when restful
alertness and dynamic activity are all lived at the same time.

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Science of Creative Intelligence:

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