Cute Felt Fairy Houses

These cool houses are made with felt glued to bottles and lit from the bottom… at least they look lit up… what  a great idea.

To make one of these cute little houses you will need a bottle, some felt for walls roof and base, yarn or ribbon for decoration and to frame the door and windows, glue, scissors, and an idea of what kind of house might just entice a winged friend to visit.

If you make the houses using a plastic bottle, the bottom could be cut out, and an LED candle inserted. If you are using a glass bottle, pick one with a wide mouth lid, and design your roof to be easily removeable. An LED candle can then be easily inserted through the top.

I looked for, but was unable to find a YouTube tutorial on how to make these. If I happen to find a tutorial, I’ll share it. In the mean time, use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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