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All dogs (unless physically handicapped) see and hear and have feelings, so
your first concern should be from your pup’s point of view. One very good
way to consider him is to form one especially important habit right now. If
you smoke, never do it while training or playing with your Buddy. A hot ash,
accidentally dropped in his eye could cause irreparable damage.

Your body can be a towering mass for your pup to fear, or, as we hope, it can
be his security and something to love. In training, try to visualize everything
from his point of view. Therefore, instead of bending over so that you still
tower over him, it’s much better to squat down and let him see you at the same
level he is.

Be careful, too, about how you use your eyes. As crazy as it may seem to you,
they can be very upsetting to your pup. Never stare at your Buddy; look over
his head or to one side of him. Don’t forget that your intentions are
transmitted to your pup in many ways, sometimes even in ways that we cannot
fathom or explain to our own satisfaction. The bond that develops between
the two of you is a great fulfillment and should not be dealt with lightly.

A list of ‘Do’s’ for training:

Teach only what you understand.
Follow any correction with praise and work.
Work with your pup as a team.
Wear quiet, comfortable shoes when training.
Wear clothing that does not interfere with your pup.
Stop your training before losing your temper.
Be consistent with your training, at home or in class.

A list of ‘Don’ts’ for training:

Correct by slapping with a lead.
Correct if you are not positive your pup fully understands.
Be a show-off with your training.
Over train.

You know your dog-work WITH him. Don’t confuse him with sudden drastic
changes. Avoid resentment as well. Practice-take nothing for granted.

-excerpts from
The Pearsall Guide to Successful Dog Training
by Margaret E. Pearsall
Copyright 2013, shirleytwofeathers.com
All Rights Reserved
Dog Training
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