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“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.”
― Lao Tzu
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The Color White

Strictly speaking, white is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color - the complete
energy of light. It stands for wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents openness and truth.
White has a cold quality. It can provide clarity as its energy is complete.

White is the color of purity. Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin. White
means kindness. In some cultures white is worn at funerals. White is Monday's color. White daisies are a
symbol of loyal love.

White has purification vibrations and can be used to clear blocks from your path. It holds the potential to
move toward every other color and this makes it a good choice for new beginnings, and development in any

White is the perfect color; for it is all colors, in perfect balance and harmony. It is the color of the
awakened Spirit; the light of perfection; the light of the Cosmic Consciousness,the Divine Light.

Just about everyone has heard of surrounding people with the "White Light of Healing and Protection."
White light raises the vibration of one's consciousness and the body, bringing harmony in all aspects of one's
life. Directing white into to a part of the body that needs healing is one of the fastest ways to bring about

Put some white in your life when you want:
*  to clear clutter and obstacles away
*  to start a fresh beginning
*  to bring about mental clarity
*  purification of thoughts or actions

Wearing White:
Wear white to impart a pure, wholesome impression. Surround yourself with white if your surroundings
feel cluttered and you want to refresh your mind.

White may indicate the completion of a cycle in your life - you may find you have a desire for white
clothing or white in your surroundings at a time when you are moving in a new direction in your life - for
example, planning an overseas trip for the first time, or moving house after a long time in one place, or in
seeking a new relationship or a new career direction.

Loving white:
Rarely is this color a favorite color from childhood - white tends to become a favorite at a time when you
are going through a transitional period in your life, preparing for new beginnings or seeking a new
direction in one or more areas of your life. The following descriptions will apply to both those who love
white and those going through a transitional time, although the latter may be a temporary display of the
following qualities until the transitional period has passed. This transitional time may last for weeks,
months or years.

Not loving white:
*  White is too sterile for you - you need more color in your life. You are easy going and relaxed - not
fussy and particular. You are spontaneous and impulsive and white is too self controlled for you.
*  In certain cultures white is the color of death and mourning.
*  You need lots of interesting things going on in your life - the simple life is too boring for you.
*  You are not concerned with order and perfection in your own life - a little dust on the shelves is okay
with you.
*  You take life as you find it and make the most of what you have.

White gem stones and minerals:
*  White gemstones are ruled by the Moon and are associated with sleep and psychic energy. They are
often used for good fortune, protection after dark.
*  The quartz crystal amplifies the powers of other stones.
*  Some say that because white stones contain all the colors, they can act as substitutes for stones of
any color.
*  Moonstone, howlite, pearl, quartz

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The ancient Romans had two words for white; albus, a plain white, (the source of the word albino); and candidus, a brighter white.

A man who wanted public office in Rome wore a white toga brightened with chalk, called a toga candida, the origin of the word candidate. The Latin word candere meant to shine, to be bright. It was the origin of the words candle and candid.