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Funny Good Morning Quotes

Who does not like to have a good joke in morning and start the day on a light mood. If you want to help your friends have a great day then send them some funny good morning quotes.

  •  “A person falls asleep the fastest when he turns off the alarm clock.”
  • “Luckily, today has been cancelled. Go back to bed.”
  • “There are 2 kinds of people in this world: 1) morning people 2) people who want to shoot morning people.”
  • “The one, who snores, is the first one to fall asleep.”
  • “It’s easier to stay awake until 7 AM, than to wake-up at 7 AM!”
  • “I need to get up – my coffee needs me.”
  • “Some mornings I just feel like breaking the damn alarm but then one thing always stops me. I paid hundreds of dollars to buy my phone.”
  • “I always say ‘MORNING’ instead of ‘GOOD MORNING’ if it were a good morning, I would still be asleep in bed instead of talking to people.”
  • “I think I’m allergic to morning.”
  • “Twinkle twinkle sleepy star, wake up now its the 11th hour, up above the world so high, the sun has risen in the sky.”
  • “Morning paradox – it takes forever to fall asleep and only a second to fall asleep in the morning.”
  • “Angels usually show up in the morning but I have showed up now. So all you need to do is bow down a bit and wish yourself a happy morning as a sign of respect. Cheers mate!”
  • “The only thing preventing me from smashing my alarm clock this morning is the fact that its my cellphone. ”
  • “I wake up with a good attitude every day. Then idiots happen.”
  • “Sometimes people want to have full conversation really early in the morning and its okay to kill those people.”
  • “Everyone wants me to be a morning person. I could be one…only if morning began after noon.”
  • “I lack sleep: are the nights so short, or do I sleep so fast?”
  • “Hell is other people before breakfast”
  • “Me & Morning don’t see eye to eye, mostly because I don’t want to open mine!”
  • “The feeling dialogue I experience every morning. Me: I really can’t stay. Bed: but baby, it’s cold outside!”
  • “In bed, its 6 AM you close your eyes for 5 minutes, its 7:45. At school its 1:30, close your eyes for 5 minutes, its 1:31.”
  • “If I offer her to sleep over, she might misunderstand. And she will be right.”
  • “Without any friends, life is a waste. Without any love, heart is almost a waste. Without any story, a movie is almost a waste and without a quote from me, your morning is a waste. Have a great day!”
  • “The worst part about my MONDAY, is hearing you complain about yours.”
  • “If you make me COFFEE in the morning, I’ll love you forever, or at least until the coffee is gone. ”
  • “Insomnia is not a problem; a problem is when you don’t know why you get up in the morning.”
  • “The alarm is on in the morning not because the windshield is busted, but the windshield is busted because the alarm is on in the morning.”
  • “Today I woke up and realized three horrible facts: Today is not Friday; Tomorrow is not Friday either; And even the day after tomorrow is not Friday.”
  • “If each day is a gift, I’d like to know where I can return Mondays.”
  • “5 minutes of extra sleep in the morning seriously does matter…”
  • “Every single day I wake up and make up my mind that I am going to work really hard. Then my mind laughs at me and says “Good joke”. Then we laugh for some more time and I go back to bed.”
  • “I woke up in the morning; lay in my bed waiting until my mom will prepare the breakfast. And suddenly I remember that I’m the mom.”
  • “God created the sleep, and the devil created an alarm clock.”
  • “I don’t like the morning, because it starts when I’m still asleep.”
  • “The mind is a wonderful thing: it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office.”
  • “I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.”
  • “Monday morning is the ugly sister of Friday evening.”
  • “Good morning let the stress begin….”
  • “After “Monday” and “Tuesday” even the calendar says “WTF”.”
  • “Is this me, or today I will again go to sleep tomorrow.”
  • “It’s not “Tuesday”, it’s “ThreeDaysBeforeFriday”.”


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