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The Pack Leader’s Bill of Rights

As pack leader, these are your rights. Giving these rights away to your dog sends the wrong message, and if you have an assertive dog, it can set the stage for behavior and obedience problems.

The pack leader’s rights are as follows:

  • To eat first, gorge themselves, and own any pickings left over.
  • To stand, sit, or lie down where ever they want – when ever they want.
  • To have access to the “prime” spots in the household.
  • To control entry to and from any room in the house.
  • To proceed through all narrow openings first.
  • To initiate the hunt, and dictate where to hunt.
  • To make the kill at the end of the hunt.
  • To demand attention from subordinate pack members.
  • To ignore or actively discourage unwanted attention.
  • To restrict the movements of lesser ranking pack members.
  • To win all games.

From: CranbourneDog Training School

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