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Dressing Your Dog For The Weather

Getting a sweater and booties to protect your dog from the elements is one thing. Actually getting your dog to wear that sweater and booties is quite another. If you’re determined to outfit your canine companion in winter garb, keep the following tips in mind.

Measure Up: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when choosing what size sweater and boots to buy for your dog. If his measurements place him between two sizes, opt for the larger size.

Prepare Ahead Of Time: Don’t wait until the first snowfall to acquaint your dog with a new sweater and footwear. Instead, introduce him to such garb well before the forecast is white. That way, your dog is more likely to don his winter gear calmly by the time you really need to use it.

Take it slowly: Don’t expect your dog to accept either a sweater or booties immediately. Take the time to introduce these items to him slowly. If you’re trying to acquaint him with a sweater, start by putting just his head through it. After he’s done that successfully and easily several times, put one leg through. Once he’s accepted putting his head and one leg through the sweater, do the other leg.

Treat him right: A dog might learn the art of getting dressed for winter a lot faster if you offer some tasty treats as an incentive. For example, encourage your dog to put his head through the sweater in order to gain the treat that you’re holding on the other side of the garment. Once he’s got the sweater on over his head, take the sweater off, and repeat a few more times. To persuade him to give booties a try, give him a treat as soon as you’ve successfully placed one bootie on. The idea is to help your dog associate these garments with good things – in this case, treats.

Source: Susan McCullough

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