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Me, with the first dog I ever trained.

I received my training in 1992 at Midwest K-9 Training Academy, the Midwest’s largest and oldest training facility, where I studied with Frank Catania, a former Chief Canine Instructor for the US Army. If you’re interested, here are some photos: Dog Training School Pics.

In 1996, I took a course in Advanced Behavior Therapy with John Fisher, Peter Neville, and Robin Walker. During this time I was also certified by the AKC to administer the Canine Good Citizen test.

For 5  years I was a licensed handler for the Global Kennel Club; and was a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for about 8 years. I spent 7 months training with Missouri K-9 Search and Rescue; attended numerous classes, workshops, seminars, and stock dog clinics.

Over the years I have used a wide variety of training techniques and read extensively to maintain up to date information on dog behavior and training techniques. I have also studied Animal Communication and find that to be very helpful in the training.

Over the years, I have personally trained more than 800 dogs in basic obedience. The dogs themselves have been my greatest teachers. I was always willing to try something new, and the techniques I am sharing here are based on sound principles of dog psychology and pack mentality – which along with a consistent program of patience, praise and persistence in combination with discipline and correction are quite effective.

During my years of actively teaching classes and training dogs, no dog ever was turned away, regardless of age, breed, or temperament provided the owner was willing to do the necessary work at home. Because of this policy, I acquired a lot of experience with highly aggressive, wildly excitable, and even very timid dogs.

I held workshops, did private and boarding training, and taught Dog Obedience and Puppy Training classes at Heavenly Pets, Raytown Gregory Animal Health Center, Holden Animal Clinic, and Furry Friends Hangout.

Because I am now retired from dog training, I have made the decision to share my class information, handouts, and paperwork here on my website, making it available for anyone who is interested. I hope it helps you to create an enjoyable life for yourself and your dog.


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